Cook Islands Parliament Worldwide Guide to Women in Leadership
Female Heads of the Parliament of
Cook Islands
(Universal Suffrage 1893) New Zealand external Territory, Self-government in free association since 1965  

See also Cook Islands Ministers and Cook Islands Heads of State

1888-1900 Leader of the Council of Chiefs Makea Takau Ariki
Ariki of Roatonga and Aurua 1868-1901, Supreme High Chiefess of Cook Islands 1874-1911 and President of the Executive Council 1891.-1901 In 1885 4 of the 5 high chiefs of Rorotonga were women. Queen Makea was married to Chief Ngamaru Rongotini (d. 1903) and was succeded by son. She lived (circa 1845-1911)  

1965-79 President of the Legislative Assembly Margaret Nora Eikura Kitimira Story
Also known as Marguerite, she was the sister of Premier Sir Albert Henry who was in office till 1978 when he was convicted of corruption and stripped of his title. She
was the mother of 8 children, and lived (1922-2009)

1978-80 and 1990-94 President of the House of Ariki Makea Karika Takau Margaret Ariki
She had the title of Makea Karika Takau since circa 1935 and was the Highest Ranking Chief in the House of Ariki.
She lived (1919-94)

1980-90 () President of the House of Ariki Pa Tapaeru Ariki, Lady Davies
She inherited the title of Pa Tapaeru
from her mother and became the highest ranking traditional leader in the Cook Islands. She was married to Sir Tom Davis, Premier (1978- 83, 1983-87), and lived (1923-90)

1994-2002 President of the House of Ariki Pa Tapaeru Teariki Upokotini Marie Ariki
Maria Napa succeeded her mother Pa Tapaeru in 1990. (Known as Pa Ariki) She is the Takitumu Paramount Chief. She resigned as President after her 6 brothers and sisters contested her selection as Chief,
but was finally confirmed as the rightfull holder of the title in 2004.

Around 2000- President of the Kotu Nui The Tika Mataiapo Dorice Tetika Mataiapo Reid
The Council of Traditional Leaders consists of Sub-chiefs.

Until 2002 Vice-President of the House of Ariki Tinomana Ruta Ariki
She is from Puaikura in Roratonga

2006-08 President of the House of Ariki Ada Rongomatane Ariki
Her full name is Rongomatane
Ada Teaupurepure Tetupu Ariki and she is the Rongomatane Ariki of the Ngati Paruarangi Tribe in Atiu.

2007-10 Deputy Speaker of the Parliament Cassey Eggelton, Tara'are Mataiapo
MP for the Democratic Party 2006-2010 when she was expelled for joining the government. Inherited her chiefly title from her brother in 2004 and is also Honorary French Consul. (b. 1952-).).

2009- Vice-President of the House of Ariki Kainuku Kapiriterangi Ariki of Takitumu

2012- Speaker of the Parliament Niki Rattle
Secretary General of the Red Cross of Cook Islands up to her appointment.

2014- Deputy Speaker of the Parliament Vainetutai Rose Toki-Brown
In June 2016 Rose Brown was elected Prime Minister by a majority in Parliament, but the Queen's Representative ruled that the Parliament had been ajourned.


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