Worldwide Guide to Women in Leadership
Female Local Leaders of the Federation of Bosnia-Herzegovina
The Federation of BH is divided in 10 ethnic cantons

Also see Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina

(The Post was abolished in 2003)

1996-97 Zupan Fatima Leho, Hercegovina-Neretva Canton
1997-98 Vice-Zupan
From 1998 Deputy Minister in the central government

1996 Zupan Prof. Dr. Sabria Hadzović, Sarajevo (March-October)

President of Assemblies

2002/03-? Jasminka Durić, Una-Sana

05 Meliha Alić, Sarajevo
From 2001 Vice-President of the National Assembly of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina
(b. 1948-).

City of Sarajevo

2005-09 Mayor Semiha Borovac
Member of Party of Democratic Action (SDA).

Regional Offices of the High Representative of the United Nations

1996-97 District Supervisor Cheryl Plumridge, Banja Luka Regional Office in the Republic of Srpska

2004-06 District Supervisor and Deputy High Representative Susan R. Johnson, Brcko


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