Algeria Local Leaders

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Female Algeria Local Leaders

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Governors are known as Walis

1999-2004 Wali Nouria Yamina Zerhouni, Tipaza
2004-10 Walie of Mostaganem
2010-14 Walie of Aïn Témouchent
2015- Walie of Boumerdès
Minister of Tourism 2014-15

2000-? Wali posted within the Ministry of Interior Mme. Benyelles

2000 Wali-délégué Djamila Amar-Mouhoub, The Bouzaréah Administrative Region in the Governerate of Algiers

2007-12 President of the Peoples Provincial Assembly Naima Farhi, province Sétif
MP for and Secretary General of the party The Movement El-Infitah. She is also president of the Center for the Algerian Woman. (b. 1976-)

2008-10 Delegate Walie Fatma Zohra Raïs, Zéralda
2010-15 Delegate Walie of Birtouta
2015- Wali
of Guelma
Former Secretary General of 2 other gouvernerates.

2007-12 President of the Peoples Provincial Assembly Ayad Ratiba, province Oran
She is the member of the National Rally for Democracy.


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