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Act of Acceptance and Assurance


the 15. July 1851 by her royal highness Louise of Glycksborg, born Princess of Hessen

We Louise Wilhelmine Frederike Caroline Auguste Julie, by the grace of God born Princess of Hessen, Princess of Slesvig-Holsten-Sønderborg-Sønderborg-Glyksborg, hereby announces;

After it has pleased the most serene prince, His Majesty, King Frederik the Seventh, King to Denmark, the Wends and Goths, Duke to Slesvig, Holsten, Stormarn, Ditmarsken, Lauenborg og Oldenborg, our graceful and dear Mr. Cousin, to let Us know how His Majesty, because of the happy Marriage between Us and Our mostbelowed consort, His Highness Prince Christian, Heir to Norway, Prince of Slesvig-Holsten-Sønderborg-Sønderborg-Glyksborg, by a house-arrangement and other necessary acts to seek such an agreement that it should never happen that the Danish Monarchy, even only for a short time, could be ruled by different sovereigns.

And after it for that end have pleased Her Royal Highness Landgravine Louise Charlotte, born Princess to Danmark, Our highly beloved mother, who now, after the highly mentioned His Majesty and Our dear uncle, His Royal Highness, Hereditary Prince Frederik Ferdinand til Danmark, according to the Lex Regia is the closest heir to both the Realm of Denmark - the Actual Denmark and Slesvig with bi-countries and the Colonies, as well as the other counties that the Danish Crown and the Danish Royal Family own in German or otherwise might have the right to, with the acceptance of our Dear Brother, Prince Friedrich Wilhelm Georg Adolph and the assurance of a similar acceptance by Our dear older sister, Princess Marie Louise Charlotte of Anhalt, to renounce and cede to Us and Our heirs and descendants all of their succession-rights after the Lex Regia to Denmark’s Real and the Danish Crown and the Danish Royal House's other lands, right and rights

We have accepted the transferred right of Succession for Our self and Our heirs and descendants in the full recognition of the wisdom of His Majesty's intentions, wanting to assure his intentions as long as it is possible taking the uncertainty of human matters into consideration.

We now hereby and immediately a voluntarily and well thought through Our most solemn and forceful declaration and obligation ......., that we agree that all the rights that after the renunciations and cessions of our above-mentioned Mother, brother and sister belong to Us according to the Succession-Law of the Danish King Law, have been transferred by His Majesty, King Frederik Seventh by the necessarily Acts to our highly beloved husband, His Highness Prince Christian and on Our and his heirs according to the provisions in the succession-law of the Danish Realm, though specifically as follows:

If We and Our consort, Prince Christian, or just Our mentioned consort, should be alive when the succession will take place, Our husband, Prince Christian, and not We, as King receive both the Danish Realm; that is the Danish Islands, Northern Jutland, Slesvig and bi-countries and Colonies and the countries that belong to the Danish Royal House with a special right of ownership; that is the Duchy of Lauenburg, the former Allodial processions of Schauenburg and the former Pløenian Countries in Holsten and all the other rights that would be accorded the Danish Crown or Royal House after a legal investigation and agreement to the former Fief-Dukedom of Holsten, and his and Our heirs after him, though with the provision that our dear consort, Prince Christian, shall recognise that he have accepted this Realm, those lands and Rights, not according any own rights of succession, but according to Our declaration abowe and Cession following legal transfer, and that Our and his heirs and descendants in the same way, not after their Father, our highly bellowed consort, Prince Christian, but after Us, their mother, inherit Denmark's Realm, the special possession of the Danish Crown and the other legal rights of the Danish kings, so that Our consort Prince Christian and later our heirs in accordance with this knowledge should rule and defend Denmark's Realm, that is the Danish Islands, Northern Jutland and Slesvig with bi-countries and colonies as an undividable and unpartable and independent Realm after the constitution and succession-law in force in the Danish Realm  and afterwards protect he other possessions and rights of the Danish Royal House.

But if We, or our consort, Prince Christian or just our mentioned consort alone, should have passed away when the succession by the will of God takes place, the succession shall belong Our and his heirs and descendants, line after line, according to the succession-law for the Danish Realm, so that the closest heir according to this succession-regulation, and not We, if We should still be alive, as King receives the before mentioned Danish Real as the before mentioned Lands and Rights, that belongs to Denmark’s Crown and Kings, with the provision that he recognises for himself, his heirs and descendants, that he have received this realm, lands and rights, not from our dear consort, their father, but from Us, their mother, and that he in accordance with this knowledge shall rule and defend Denmark's Realm that is the Danish Islands, Northern Jutland and Slesvig with bi-countries and Colonies an undividable and impartable and independent Realm after the constitution and succession-law in force in the Danish Realm according to the Danish Constitution and Succession-law and afterwards protect he other possessions and rights of the Danish Royal House.

It is in this way that we by the present assurance-act have agreed that our rights in a legal way is being transferred to hour consort, Prince Christian and Our and his heirs and descendants.

To confirm this we have signed this by our own hand and given Our inherited seal of approval to this Our Act of Acceptance and Assurance.

So done and given in Copenhagen the 18th of July 1851.

Princess to Holsten Glyksborg


"Rough" translation by Martin K.I. Christensen of the archaic Danish writing