Tobago Ministers

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Part of Trinidad and Tobago, the island with its own legislature since 1971 and got a greater degree of autonomy in 1996

Also see Tobago Parliament

1996-2000 Secretary for Health, Social Security and Environment Judy Michelle Bobb

1996-2000 Assist
ant Secretary for Culture, Youth and Sport Beverly Ramsey-More

2000-01 Secretary for Community Development, Youth and Sport Miriam Caesar-More

2000-01 Assisting Secretary for Community Development, Youth and Sport Dolores Edwards

2000-01 Assisting Secretary for Tourism, The Environment and Settlements Eutrice Thornhill

2001-09 Deputy Chief Secretary and Secretary for Health and Social Services. Environmental Health, Tobago Regional Health Authority, Quarantine Services (excluding Plant Food Quarantine), Food and Drugs, Gender Affairs, Old Age pension, Public Assistance, Social help and Rehabilitation Effort Programme, Homes for the Aged, Social Welfare, Probation services and Cemeteries Cynthia Alfrey
She is Vice-chairperson of PNM Tobago and was Senator in Trinidad and Tobago 1996-2001.

2005-06 Assistant Secretary of Education, Youth Affairs and Sport Claudia Groome-Duke
2006-13 Secretary of Education, Youth Affairs and Sport
2013-17 Secretary of Health and Social Services

2006-09 Assistant Secretary for Education, Youth Affairs and Sport Tracy Davidson-Celestine
2009-13 Leader of Government Business in the Assembly and Secretary of Community Development and Culture
2013-17 Deputy Chief Secretary and Secretary of Tourism and Transportation
Acting Chief Secretary on various occations. (b. 1979-)

2013-17 Secretary for Community Development and Culture Denise Tsoiafatt-Angus
Presiding Officer of the House of Assembly from 2017.

2017- Secretary for Community Development, Enterprise Development and Labour Marslyn Melville-Jack

2017- Secretary for Health, Wellness and Family Development Agatha Carrington

2017- Secretary for Tourism, Culture and Transportation Nadine Stewart-Phillips

2017- Assistant Secretary in the Office of the Chief Secretary Marisha Osmond

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