Timor Leste Local Leaders

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Leste Local Leaders
East Timor was a Portuguese Colony until 1974. After the Portuguese withdrew the territory was occupied by Indonesia which conducted a genocide. 1999-2002 Under UN Protection and Independent at 20.05.02.

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2000 District Administrator Sue Ingram, Aileu-Ermera

2000-02 District Administrator Maria Paix„o de Jesus da Costa, Aileu
MP from 2002 and leader of the Parliamentary Party Bench of social democrat PSD. (b. 1960-).

2000-01 Deputy District Administrator Ilda Maria da Conceic„o, Viqueque
Vice-Minister of State Administrator from 2001.

02 Deputy District Administrator Ginette Dupa
ul, Aileu-Ermera
She is canadian and worked in various international organisations.

2001-02 Deputy District Administrator Tonya Cook, Ambeno-Oecussi

Circa 2004- Deputy District Administrator Beatriz Ximenes Martins, Bobonaro District



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