Suriname Ministers

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Republiek Suriname
(Female suffrage 1948) Formerly known as Dutch Guiana and a part of the Nederlanse West Indies before becoming an independent Republic 1975

Also see Suriname Parliament and Suriname Party Leaders

1980 Under-Minister of Labour and Housing Siegmien Staphorst
1980 Minister of Social Affairs and Housing
Leader of the Women's Movement from 1982 till date (2008)

1980 Under-Minister of Education Nel stadwijk-Kappel

1987-90 Minister of the Interior, District Administration and People's Moblisation Evelyn M.B. Alexander-Vanenburg

1990-92 Minister of Health Ellen Smit-Naarendorp

1980 Under-Minister of Culture Yvonne Reine Antoniette Raveles-Resida
1996-2000 Minister of Regional Development

1999-2000 Minister of Justice and Police
Wonny Raveles was Parliamentary Leader of Nationaal Democratisch Partij/2000 Faction 2000-05 and Candidate for the post of Vice-Chairperson of the Nationale Assemblee in 2005. (b. 1941-)

1996-2000 Under-Minister of Social Affairs and Housing Mr. Maya Mandler Fokké-Manohar
1998 Acting Minister of Social Affairs and Housing
(b. 1968-)

2000-05 Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr. Maria Elisabeth Levens
Chairperson of the Communicy Council of CARICOM in 2005.

2000-05 Minister of the Interior Urmila Joella-Sewnundun
2000-01 Minister of Trade and Industry
In consideration for the post of Minister of Justice and Police in 2005 but withdrew in the last moment for personal reasons. Ambassador to the Netherlands from 2006. (b. 1968-).

2000-05 Under-Minister of Social Affairs and Housing Patricia Kromosemito

2005-10 Minister of Foreign Affairs Lygia Kraag-Keteldijk
Director of Political Affairs in the Cabinet of the President from 2000. (b. 1941-).

2005-07 Minister of Transport, Communication and Tourism Alice Amafo
2010-15 Minister of Social Affairs and Housing
MP from 2005. (b. 1977-).

2006-10 Minister of Labour, Technological Development and Environment Joyce Amarello-Williams

2007-10 Minister of Transport, Communications and Tourism Richel Apensa

2010-11 Minister of Finance Wonnie Boedhoe

2011-15 Minister of Finance Adeline Wijnerman
Director of the Ministry of Finance 2006-11. (b. 1966-)

2015-17 Minister of Foreign Affairs Niermala Badrising
Former Ambassador to OAS and Chair of the Permanent Council in 2015

2015- Minister of Justice and Police Jennifer van Dijk-Silos
Former chair of the independent Election Bureau.

2015- Minister of Trade and Industry Siglien Burleson

2017- Yildiz Pollack-Beighle, Suriname
Former official at CARCOM

2017- Minister of Planning, Land Management and Forest Policy Roline Samsoendin
Former District Commissioner of Wanica

2017- Minister of Social Affairs and Housing Christine Polak



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