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Serbian Parties (Until 2003 Yugoslavia)

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1969-72 Chief Secretary of the Communist Party of Serbia Latinka Perovic
he was removed from office because Tito considered her views too liberal (b. 1933) 

1989 Chairperson of the Montenegrin League of Communists
1997-98 President of Democratic Party of Socialism of Montenegro Milica Pejanovic-Djurisic
(b. 1959-)

1992-99 Chairperson of the Civic Alliance of Serbia, GSS, Vesna Pesic
1996-97 Co-Leader of Coalition ZADEDNO (Change)
1998-99 Co-Leader of Alliance for Change
Serbian MP 1993-97 and university lecturer. (b. 1940-)

1993-2000 Secretary General of Socialist Party Gorica Gajevic (Serbia)

1995-2003 Chairperson of Yougoslavian United Left, JUL, Mirjana Markovic
2002-2003 Party Leader
She is the widow of former President Slobodan Milosovic and was very powerful during his term in office. (b. 1943-)

1997-2001 Co-Chairperson of the Serbian Social Democratic Party Natasa Milojevic
2001 Co-acting Chairperson of the Serbian Social Democratic Party 
2001-? Chairperson of the Social Democracy Group
She and Liljana Nestorovic were acting together with two men. (b. 1961-).

2001-02 Co-acting Chairperson of the Serbian Social Democratic Party Liljana Nestorovic

2001-? Deputy Parliamentary Leader of SDS Gordana Pop-Lazic
2003 Joint Interim Leader
Minister of Local Self-Administration 1998-2001
and in January 2004 her radical nationalist party put her forward as candidate for the post of Parliamentary Speaker and thereby for the position of Acting President. (b. 1956- )

2002-? Chairperson of the Parliamentary Group of The Democratic Alternative of Serbia Nada Kolundzija
Also Chairperson of the Foreign Affair's Committee

2003- Honorary Chairperson of the Party of Serbian Unity Svetlana-Ceca Ranatovic
The most popular music star in Serbia, she is widow of the Militia Lieader Arkan. She stated that she will not be active in politics. (b. 1973-).

2002-? President of the Liberal Union Vesna Petrovic
(b. 1954-).

2004-07 Chairperson of Civic Alliance of Serbia Nataša Mićić

2007- Group Party Chairperson of the G17 Plus Deputies' Group Suzana Grubješić

2014- President of the Democratic Party Dr. Sanda Rašković Ivić


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