Female Ministers of Interior, Home Affairs, Security, Civil Defence and Police

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1950-53 Minister of Justice and Police Helga Pedersen, Denmark

Personal Secretary of the Minister of Justice 1940-46, City Court Judge in Copenhagen 1947-50 and 1953-56, MF for The Rightwing Liberals 1953-64, Judge in the Court of Appeals (Řstre Landsret) 1956-64, High Court Judge 1964-71 and Judge at the Court for Human Rights of The Council of Europe, 1972-80 (†). 1968 she turned down the offer of post of Foreign Minister. Inger Helga was unmarried, and lived (1911-1980)  

1954-59 Minister of People’s Supervision Qian Ying, China
1959-60 Minister of Interior
1951-54 Vice-Chairperson of the People’s Control Committee of the Government Administrative Committee. She lived (1903-73)

1963-64 Minister of Home Affairs Janet Jagan, Guyana
1950-70 Secretary General, 1970-84 International Secretary and 1984-90 Executive Secretary of PPP, 1953 Deputy President of the National Assembly, 1954 imprisoned by the British authorities for her activities for independence, 1957-61 Minister of Labour, Health and Housing  1973-97 Editor-in-Chief of The Mirror, 1993 Ambassador-at-Large and Acting Permanent Representative of the United Nations (October-December). She is the widow of Dr. Cheddi Bharat Jagan, Chief Minister 1953-55 and 1957-61, President 1961-64 and 1991-97(†). 1996-97 Leader of the Opposition, 1997 Prime Minister and Minister of Mines, 1997-99 President. In July 1999 she suffered a mild hart attack and chose to resign from her post 3 years ahead of time, endorsing her successor the 35 years old Bharrat Jagdeo, Minister of Finance 1994-99.  Janet Rosenberg was born in Chicago. (b. 1920-)

1965-70 Minister of Justice and Police Elisabeth Schweigaard Selmer, Norway
Conservative Member of the City Council of Oslo 1951-55, Judge in the High Court 1971-90. She lived (1923-2009)

1966-70 Minister of Home Affairs Mable Moir James, Dominica
MP for Labour Party of Phylis Shand Alfrey. At some point she acted as acted as Chief Minister. (b. 1917-)

1973-75 and 1978-79 Minister of Justice and Police Nathalie Lind, Denmark      

MF for the Rightwing Liberals 1964-66 and 1968-81, Minister of Social Affairs 1968-71 and 1973-75 also Minister of Cultural Affairs, Vice-Chairperson of the Folketing (Diet) 1973 and 1975-78, Deputy President of Nordic Council 1975-78 and 1978, Vice-Chairperson of the Parliamentary Group of her party 1977-78. She lived (1918-99)  

1973-79 Minister of Justice and Police Inger Louise Valle, Norway
1971-72 Minister of Family and Consumers' Affairs, 1979-81 Minister of Municipal Affairs and Labour, Labour MP 1977-83 and lived (1921-2006).

1976-78 Secretary of Interior Clara Boscagli, San Marino

1974-76 Minister of State of Public Works, 1976-78 also  Minister of State of Justice, Secretary General of Partito Democratico Cristiano and Secretary of Finance and Budget 1986-90ć.She lived (1930-90)

  1980-84 Minister of Home Affairs  Kebatshabile Lorato Disele, Botswana
MP 1976-86. She lived (1924-2008).

1981-85 Minister of Justice and Police Mona Scobie Røkke, Norway

Governor of Vestfold Fylke since 1989. (b. 1940-)

1982-86 Minister of Interior Britta Caroc Schall Holberg, Denmark

As Minister of Interior she was also in Charge of Civil Defence and of Health, 1986-87 Minister of Agriculture. (b. 1941-)  

1984-86 Minister of the Interior Kaisa Raatikainen, Finland
Former Social Democrat MP, she lived (1928-2008).

1985-86 Minister of Justice and Police Wenche Frogn Sellæg, Norway
1981-83 Minister of Environmental Protection, 1989-90 Minister of Social Affairs, Deputy Leader of Høyre 1988-90. (b. 1937-).

  1986-90 Minister of Home Affairs Rita Sinon, Seychelles
Former secretary of the governing SPUP-party.

1986-89 Minister of Justice and Police Helen Bøsterud, Norway
1980-81 State Secretary of Social Affairs, Since 1993 Director General of the Directorate for Civil Defence and Emergency Planning. (b. 1940-)

  1987-90 Minister of the Interior, District Administration and People's Moblisation Evelyn M.B. Alexander-Vandenburg, Suriname

  1988-92 Minister of Home Affairs Stella Odie-Alli, Guyana
1986-88 Minister of State of Home Affairs

1989-94 (†) Minister of the Interior Ien Dales, The Netherlands
State Secretary of Social Affairs And Health 1981-82, MP. for P.v.d.A 1982-87, Party Vice-Chairperson 1983-86, government appointed Mayor of Nijmegen 1987-89. She lived together with State Secretary  of Justice, Elisabeth Schmitz (See below). Ien Dales lived (1931-94).

1989-90 Minister of Interior and Civil Defence Margaret Austin, New Zealand 
Also Minister of Arts, Culture and Science.

1989-90 Minister of Justice and Police Else Bugge Fougner, Norway

Conservative. (b. 1944-)

1990-92 Minister of Justice and Police Education Kari Gjesteby, Norway
1976-78 State Secretary of Church Affairs and Education, 1979-81 State Secretary of Finance, 1981 Minister of Trade and Shipping in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 1986-88 State Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Director in Norges Bank, the Central Bank 1989-90 and since 1993. (b. 1947-).

1992-93 Minister of Interior Lagle Parek, Estonia

The former dissident and political prisoner was Leader of the National Independence Party 1988-93 and Presidential Candidate in 1992.  

1992-96 Minister of Justice and Police Grete Faremo, Norway
1990-92 Minister of Development Aid, 1996 Minister of Petroleum  and Energy and Minister of Defence from 2009. (b. 1959- )

1993-97 Minister of the Interior Birte Weiss, Denmark

As Minister of Interior she was also in charge of Civil Defence. 1981-86 Deputy Chairperson of the Social Democrats, 1994-96 Minister of Church Affairs
1996-98 Minister of Health, 1998-99  Vice-Chairperson of the Folketing, 1999-2001 Minister of Research and Information Technology 1998-99 (b. 1941-)  

1993 Minister of Justice and Police Pia Gjellerup, Denmark

1987-2007 MF, 1990-93 Chairperson of the Taxation Committee, 1991-93 and from 2001 Secretary, 1994-98 and 2002-05 Chairperson of the Parliamentary Group of the Social Democrats, 1991-93 and 2001-02 Secretary of The Folketing, 1993-98 Deputy Chairperson of the Finance Committee, 1998-2000 Minister of Business and Industry and 2000-01 Minister of Finance. (b. 1960-)  

1996-98 Minister of Public Security, Interior and Police Laura Chinchilla Miranda, Costa Rica
2008 Acting Minister of Security
Vice-Minister of Security 1994-96. First Vice-President and Minister of Justice 2006-08. Resigned from government to run in the Liberal Party Presidential Primaries and President from 2010. (b. 1959-).

1996-97 Minister of Interior Meral Akşener, Turkey
A leading member of the Motherland Party, ANAP and Vice-President of the Grand National Assembly from 2007.

1996-97 Minister of Justice and Police cand.jur. Anne Holt, Norway
Lawyer and an popular Author of Criminal Novels, after two months as minister she had to resign because of an serious anemia-illness. In 2000 she married another woman. (b. 1959-)

1997-98 Minister of the Interior Yeh Chin-feng, Taiwan
Judge in the Taichung District Court 1969-1980 and Presiding Judge, Yunlin District Court, 1981-1985,1981-1992  Chairperson of he Presidium of  the National Assembly, Judge of the Taichung Branch of Taiwan High Court, University Lecturer 1981-85,  Judge in the Supreme Court 1981-1986, 1987-1988,  Senior Specialist of the Judicial Yuan 1987, Commissioner of the Examination Yu   1987 and 1988, 1988-1992   Deputy Director-General, Department of Women's Affairs, Central Committee, Kuomintang and since 1988 Member of the Central Committee, Kuomintang, 1992-96 Vice-Chairperson of the Mainland Affairs Committee of the Executive Yuan, 1996-2000 Minister of State, 1996-97 Minister without Portfolio, 1998-99 Chairperson of the Mainland Affairs Committee, 1999-2000 Minister of Justice (b. 1943-)

  1997-99 Minister of the Interior Francisca Lucas Pereira Gomes, Guinea Bissau
Francisca Pereira (or possibly Peirreira) was the first female President of a Region before her appointment to the cabine, 1990-94 Minister of Women's Affairs, 1990-94 Member of the Council of State, 1993-94 Minister of Social Affairs, 1994-97 1. Vice-President of Assembléias Nacional , 2003 Minister of State and Councillor charged with Political Affairs and Diplomacy

1997 Minister of Justice and Police Gerd-Liv Valla, Norway
Advisor of the Premier Minister 1990-92, State Secretary by the Premier Minister 1992-94, Vice-Chairperson of the Association of Civil Servants 1994-97 and Vice-Chairperson of the Central Labour Association 1997-2001 and it's chairperson until 2007 when she was forced to resign when it was revealed that she had harrassed employees. (b. 1960- )

1997-99 Minister of Justice and Police Aud Inger Aure, Norway
Mayor of Kristiansand 1993-97. She had to resign after a hart attack and was succeeded by the first man on the post since 1981 and 11 successive women. (b. 1943-)

1998-2000 Minister of Security and Police Elizabeth Chuiz Sierra, Honduras
The first minister in the portfolio

1998-98 Minister of Interior, Police and Municipality Affairs Ana Luisa Armjios, Ecuador
1991-93 President of Banco Central del Ecuador, 1994-96 President of the National Monetary Board and Cabinet Member, 1995-96 Minister of Economy and 1999 Minister of Finance. (b. 1949-).

1998-99 Minister of the Interior and Minister in Charge of Co-ordination of the Civil Defence Rosa Russo Jervelino, Italy
1987-89 Minister for without Portfolio for Special Affairs, 1989-92  for Social Affairs, 1992-94 of Education and . She was Secretary of the Partito della Democrazia Cristiana 1992-94 and 1994-circa 96 President of the Partito Populare Italiana afterwards vice-President.  In 1999 her party nominated her as candidate for the post of President. (b. 1936-)

1998-2003 Secretary of Security Regina Ip, Hong Kong
1997-98 Director of Immigration and from 1998 Secretary of Security in charge of Hong Kong's Defence force.

1998-2002 Minister of Home Affairs and Public Security 
Paula A. Cox
Concurrently minister of Labour and from 2002 Minister of Education and Development. (b. 1969-).

1999-2001 Minister of Interior Dosta Dimovska, Macedonia
Vice-President of the Government 1998-2000 and 2001-02. Also Vice-President of VMRO-DPMNE. (b. 1954-).

1999-2001 1999-2001 Minister of Interior, Public Administration and Decentralization Vasso Papandreau, Greece
1985 Deputy Minister of Energy and Industry, 1986-88 Alternate Minister of Industry, 988-89 Minister of External Trade, 1989-92 EEC-Commissioner for Labour, Social Affairs and Industry, 1994-96 Vice-President of the Council of Europe, 1996-99 Minister of Development and from 2001 Minister of Environment, Physical Planning and Public Works. She is among the Leaders of the Socialists, PASOK. (b. 1956-).

1999-2000 Minister of Justice and Police Yvonne Reine Antoniette Raveles-Resida, Suriname
Wonny Rawales was Under-Minister of Culture 1980, Minister of Regional Development 1996-2000, Parliamentary Leader of Nationaal Democratisch Partij/2000 Faction 2000-05 and Candidate for the post of Vice-Chairperson of the Nationale Assemblee in 2005. (b. 1941-)

2000-05 Minister of the Interior Urmila Joella-Sewnundun, Suriname
2000-01 Minister of Trade and Industry. In consideration for the post of Minister of Justice and Police in 2005 but withdrew in the last moment for personal reasons. Ambassador to the Netherlands from 2006. (b. 1968-).

2000-02 Secretary of State of Internal Affairs, Civil Defence and Justice Francesca Michelotti, San Marino
Member of the Council of the San Marino City from 1980, Member of the Consiglio Grande e Generale fra 1993, Member of the Council of the 12 and other Commissions and Secretary of State of Education, Cultural Institutions, Universities and Social Affairs from 2006. (b. 1952-).

2000-01 Minister of Justice Hanne Harlem, Norway

Councillor of Children and Education of Oslo 1992-93, Assistant Judge and a number of managerial positions from 2001. Sister of former Premier Minister Gro Harlem Brundtland (b.1964-)

2000-01 Minister of  the Interior and Refugees Karen Jespersen, Denmark

1993-94, 1994-2000 and from 2007 Minister of Social Affairs. A former leading member of the Leftwing Socialists before she became MF for the Social Democrats 1993-2005 until she resigned and joined the rightwing Liberals in 2007. (b. 1947-)  

2001-05 Cabinet Member and National Security Advisor
Dr. Condoleezza Rice, United States of America
Director of Soviet and East European Affairs in the National Security Council 1989-93. Professor of International Affairs of Stanford University. From 2003 also
Director of the Iraq Stabilization Group at the White House and as such she coordinates and oversees the stateside element of the rebuilding projects while the direction of U.S. efforts on the ground in Iraq remained under the authority of Paul Bremer as the head of the Coalition Provisional Authority. Secretary of State from 2005. (b. 1954-)


2001-02 Minister of Interior and Justice Vera Sofia Rubi, Honduras

She was candidate in the internal primaries in the Liberal Party for the position of Presidential Candidate in 1997, 2001 and 2005.

2001-06 Attorney General and Minister of Home Affairs Mia Mottley, Barbados

1994-2001 Minister of Education, Culture and Youth and , since 2001 Leader of the House, from 2003 Deputy Premier and from 2006 Minister of Economic Affairs and Development. (b. 1965-).

2001-04 Minister of Home Affairs  Sarah Flood-Beaubrun, St. Lucia

1997-2001 Minister of Health, Human Service and Family Affairs, 1997-2004 Minister of Gender Relations,  and in 2001 she gave birth to her first child. In January 2004 she was dismissed from the government because she protested against a decision to allow abortion under certain circumstances, she founded the party the Organization for National Empowerment. Resigned from parliament in 2006 and lot the subsequent by-election and then joined the opposition United Worker’s Party. Appointed Speaker of the House of Assembly in 2007. (b. 1969-)

2001-08 Minister of Justice and Police Lene Espersen, Denmark

MF since 1994, Political Spokesperson of The Conservative People's 1999-2001, Political Leader from 2008 and Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Economic and Business Affairs 2008-10 and Minister of Foreign Affairs from 2010.  (b. 1965-)  

2002-04 Minister of Interior Dr. Lamperth Mónika, Hungary

Former chairperson of the Association of Hungarian Social Democratic Local Polititians and Vice-President of the European Association of Social Democratic Local Polititians. Socialist MP. (b. 1957-).

2002-07 Minister of Security Cynthia "Mother" Pratt, Bahamas

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Security (In charge of the Defence Force and Police). She was Opposition Whip Circa 1992-2000 and from circa 2000 Deputy Leader of the Opposition and Deputy Leader of the Progressive Liberal Democratic Part. Acting Prime Minister in May-June during ilness of the Premier. She is aformer nurse, she is mother of 6 children (b. 1947-)

2002-04 Minister of Interior Cristina Fontes Lima, Cape Vede

Maria Cristina Lopes Almeida Fontes Lima was Minister of Justice 2001-06, Minister of Local Administration 2001-02, Minister Adjunct to the Prime Minister and Government Spokesperson 2004-06, Minister of Defence and of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and Minister of State Reform 2006-2011. (b. 1958-).

2002 Secretary of State of Internal Affairs, Post and Telecommunication and Civil Defence Emma Rossi, San Marino

1983-86 Minister of State of Health and Social Affairs, 1990-94 and 1997-2000 Political Coordinator of Partito Social Reformanista in the Consiglio Grande e Generale, 1992-94 Minister of State of Justice, Culture and Education, 1994-97 Minister of State of Territory, Environment and Agriculture, 2000-02 Secretary of State of Public Instruction, Universities, Social Affairs, Culture and Information and from 2000 Party President. (b. 1952-). 

2003-06 Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Anne McLellan, Canada

Liberal MP 2003-06 and 1993-95 Minister of Energy, Mines, Forestry, 1994-97 Federal Interlocutor for Métis and Non-Status Indians, 1995-97 Minister of National Resources, 1997-2002 Minister of Justice and Attorney General, 2002-03 Minister of Health, From 2003 also Deputy Prime Minister. (b. 1950-).

2003-06 Minister for Policing, Security and Community Safety Hazel Blaers, United Kingdom of Great Britain

Had overall responsibility for reducing crime and the fear of crime, police policy and police reform, community safety and anti-social behaviour, Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnerships and the Street Crime Initiative. She provided support to the Home Secretary on counter-terrorism and resilience. She was Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State of Health 2001-03. Labour Chair 2006-07 and Secretary of Communities and Local Government 2007-09. (b. 1956-)

2004-05 Minister in charge of Internal Security and Local Liberties Marie-José Roig, France

Minister-Delegate in the Ministry of Interior. Previously Deputy Mayor 1983-89 and Mayor of Avignon since 2001, Minister of Family and Children in 2004. (b. 1938-).

2004-09 Minister of Home Affairs  Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula, South Africa
Deputy Minister of Home Affairs 2002-04, Minister of Correctional Services 2009-12 and of Defence and Veteran Affairs from 2012.

2004-06 Federal Minister of Interior Liese Prokop, Austria 

Government Councillor from 1981 and Vice Minister President 1992-2004 of Niederösterreich. Also vice-President of The ÖVP (Conservatives) of the state, and first Vice-President of the  Assembly of Regions which is part of the European Union setup 1999-2000. President of the Assembly of European Regions. Died of a hard attack on new years eve. She lived (1941-2006).

2004-05, 2005 Acting Minister and 2005-06 Minister of Home Affairs Gail Teixera, Guyana
1992-98 Senior Minister of Health, 1998-2006 Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports. She was Acting Foreign Minister in 1998, 2002 and 2003. Appointed Chairperson of the Committee on Governance in the Office of the President in 2006.

2005-06 Minister of Security Betty Akech, Uganda

1999-2002 State Minister of Local Government, 2002-03 State Minister for Higher Education and 2003-05 State Minister for Security. Ambassador to Sudan from 2009.

2005-06 Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security Anna Kachikho, Malawi

2005 Deputy Minister of Education and Human Resources, 2006-07 Minister of Education, 2007-08 Minister of Labour
2008-09 Minister of Women and Child Development and Minister of Tourism, Wildlife and Culture from 2009. (b. 1955-).

2005 Minister of Interior Affairs Adriana del Piano Puelma, Chile
Minister of Natural Assets 1994-99, Deputy Leader of the Election Campaign of President Lagos in 1999, Minister Women’s Affairs 2000-03, Subsecretary of Regional Development, 2003-2005, Intendent of the Región Metropolitana de Santiago 2007-08. (b. 1947-)

2005-12 Minister of Home Affairs and Immigration Rosalia Nghidinwa, Namibia
2000-05 Deputy Minister of Labour. (b. 1952-)


2005-08 Minister of Police Annette King, New Zealand

1987-90 Parliamentary Under-Secretary for Employment, Youth Affairs, Tourism and Social Welfare, 1989-90 Minister of Employment, Immigration and Minister of Youth Affairs and Minister Assisting the Prime Minister to liaise between the Cabinet and Caucus, 1999-2005 Minister of Health, 1999-2002 Minister of Racing, 2002-06 Minister for Food Safety, 2005-07 Minister of State Services, including the co-ordinating responsibility for Race Relations and Associate Minister of Trade and Defence, 2005-06 Associate Minister of Trade, Minister of Police from 2005, Minister of Trade and Minister of Justice and the Law Commission 2007-08, Deputy Leader of Labour from 2008 (b. 1947-).

2006-12 Secretary of State of Internal Affairs and Civil Protection and Accomplishment of the Programme Valeria Ciavatta, San Marino

2003-04 Capitano Reggente and President of Alleanza Popolare in 2005. (b. 1959-).

2006-07 Minister of Interior Alicia Muńoz Alá, Bolivia

Elected Communist Senator in 2005. (b. 1951-)

2006-09 Minister of Interior and Justice Olga Gólcher, Panama

Deputy Mayor of the City of Panamá 1987-89 and later Vice-President and President of the Association of Lawyers, 2004-06 Vice-Minister of Interior and Justice

2006-15 Minister of Interior Gordana Jankulovska, Macedonia

MP for VMRO-DPMNE. There were speculations that her party would nominate her for the post of Parliamentary Speaker. (b. 1975-).

2006-07 Minister of Interior Pilar Mazzetti Soler, Peru

2004 Vice-Minister of Health and 2004-06 Minister of Health

2007-09 Minister of Interior Michčle Alliot-Marie, France
1986-88 Secretary of State for Education, 1993-95 Minister of Youth and Sports. From 1994 1. Vice-President of the General Council of the Department of Pyrénées-
Atlantique, 1999-2002 President of RPR, Rally for the Republic. Minister of Defence 2002-07 and Minister of State and Minister of Justice 2009-11 and Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Affairs 2010-11. (b. 1946-)  

2007-09 Secretary of State of the Home Office Jacqui Smith, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

1999-2001 Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Education and Employment for Lifelong Learning, 2001-03 Minister of State of Health, 2003-05 Minister of state for Trade and Industry and Deputy Minister for Women, Privy Councillor, 2005-06 Minister of State of Education and Skills (Schools) (Deputy to the Secretary of State) and 2006-07 Chief Whip and Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasury. (b. 1962-).

2007-10 Minister of Interior and Kingdom Relations Guusje ter Horst, The Netherlands

Municipal Councillor for PvdA before she was government appointed Mayor of Nijmegen 2001-07. (b. 1952-).

2007-17 Minister of Interior Ana Isabel Morales Mazún, Nicaragua

Former Sandinist guerrilla leader, she worked for a number of years in the Ministry and as a lawyer

2007-08 Minister of Interior Adela Camacho de Torrebiarte, Guatemala

Civil servant, President of the National Football Association amd FIA Delegate 2001-03. Presidential Candidate in 2012.

2007-09 Minister of Interior Daisy Tourné, Uruguay

Socialist MP since 1995 and member of the leftwing alliance, in 2005 she was designated as the future President of the Chamber of Representatives for the legislative year of 2008-09, but instead she joined the government. (b. 1951-).

2007- Minister of the Interior Anne Holmlund, Finland

Conservative (Kokoomuksen, Samlingspartiet) MP from 2002, Deputy Parliamentary Leader in 2007 and member of the Speaker's Conference in the Parliament in 2007. (b. 1964-).

2008-12 Deputy Prime Minister in charge of Interior Policy Đurđa Adlešić, Croatia
Djurda Adelesic is former Mayor of Bjelovar, Vice-President of the Social Liberal Party, HSLS 2000-06 and then Leader of a new party formed as a merger between the Croatian Social-Liberal Party and Liberal Party - also named HSLS. Around 2000 and 2001-08 President of the Parliamentary Committee on National Security. 2001 Deputy Foreign Minister, 2004-08 Vice-President of the Sabor and 2005 Presidential Candidate. (b. 1960-).

2008-10 Minister of Interior, Police and Public Security Janina del Vecchio Ugalde, Costa Rica

Former Chief of Cabinet for President, Ambassador to Spain, Rome, Italy, the Vatican, and Switzerland and MP until 2008. (b. 1946-).

2008-11 Federal Minister of Interior Maria Fekter, Austria

1990-95 Secretary of State of Economy for Construction and Tourism, Chairperson of the Parliamentary Klub of ÖVP 1995-99, Secretary of the Nationalrat from 2004-07, she was narrowly defeated by a man within the ÖVP Klub for the post of 2. President of the Nationalrat (1. Vice-President) in 2006, one of the three Ombudsmen 2007-08 and Minister of Finance from  2011. (b. 1956-)

2008-11 Minister of Interior Katarina Kresal, Slovenia

President of the Liberal Democrats (LDS) from 2007 and MP from 2008. (b. 1973-).

2008-11 and 2015-16 Minister of Police Judith Collins, New Zealand

Also Mininster of Corrections and Veterans' Affairs. National MP from 2002. Minister of Minister of Justice, the Accident Compensation Act (ACC) and Ethnic Affairs from 2011.

2009-12 Minister of Home Affairs Sahara Khatun, Bangladesh
Former Secretary for Law Affairs of the Awami League and Minister of Post and Telecommunication 2012-13.

2009-13 Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano, United States of America
State Attorney-General 1998-2002 and Governor of Arizona 2003-09. (b. 1957-).

2009-10 Minister in charge of Domestic Affairs Sandra Sumang Pierantozzi, Palau (Balau)
1989-96  Minister of Administration and Budget as her country's first female minister, 1992 she was candidate for Vice-President and from 1996 senator and Floor Leader. In 2001 she again became Minister of Administration and Budget again, and was later appointed Minister of Health. In 2000 opponent as Vice-Presidential candidate was her nephew, Senator Alan Seid. In 2004 she failed to be re-elected for second term. Minister of State from 2009 and thereby in charge of Foreign and Domestic Affairs, International Trade and the Office of the Public Defender

2009-11 Minister of Interior Linda Mūrniece, Latvia

Linda Murniece was also Second in the Cabinet. She was Paliamentary Secretary of the Ministry of the Interior 2002-04, Deputy Chairperson of the New Era Party in 2004 and Parliamentary Secretary of Defence 2005-06 and Minister of Defence in 2006. (b. 1970-)

2009 Minister of Home Affairs and Public Security Lillian Boyce, Turk and Caicos Islands (British Overseas Territory)

Known as Lillian Robinson-Been until 2006, she was Deputy Leader of the Opposition and Deputy Leader of Progressive National Party in 2003, Minister for Education, Youth, Sports and Culture 2003-07 and Minister of Health and Human Services , 2007-09 until she was fired from the cabinet in February for critizising the Premier, who then named her Deputy Premier in February when he announced his resignation effictive by the end of March. (b. 1963-).

2009-12 Minister of Home Affairs Karen Delancy, Turk and Caicos Islands (British Overseas Territory)

Minister for Health, Social Services and Gender Affairs 2003-05, Deputy Speaker of the House of Parliament 2007-09. Also Minister of Home Affairs and Human Services in 2009.

2009-10 and 2015-16 Minister of Interior  Karen Ellemann, Denmark
Rightwing Liberal MP from 2007. Teacher. Also Minister of Social Affairs 2009-10 and from 2015 and Minister of Environment and Nordic Cooperation 2010-11. Daughter of Former Foreign Minister Uffe Ellemann-Jensen, divorced mother of 2 children. (b. 1969-).

2009-12 Minister of Home Affairs Dr. Nkosazana C. Dlamini-Zuma, South Africa
1994-99 Minister of Health and Foreign Affairs 1999-2009. (b. 1949-).

2009 Minister of Interior Mercedes Cabanillas Bustamente de Llanos de la Mata, Peru

1987-89 and 1989-90 Minister of Education, Candidate for the Mayorship of Lima in 1989, from 1992 Deputy Secretary and from 2000 Parliamentay Co-spokesperson of the Socialist Party. Circa 1990-99 Senator and from 2000 member of the Congreso where she vas 2. Vice-President 2002-03 and President 2006-07. Also Presidential Candidate in 1995. (b. 1947-)

2009-11 Minister of Interior Annemie Turtelboom, Belgium

Liberal MP from 2003 and Minister of Refugees and Migration 2008-09. (b. 1967-).

2009-11 Minister of Interior Cécile Manorohanta, Madagascar
Cécile Marie Ange Dominique Manorohanta was Vice-Minister of Education and Scientific Research 2007 and Minister of Defence 2007-09. Also Vice-Premier 2009-11 and Acting Premier in 2009 and later Premier.

2009-12 Minister of Interior Adja Satú Camará Pinto, Guinea Bissau

2. Vice-President of the African Party for Guinea-Bissau and Cape Verde Independence (PAIGC), President of the Region of Cacheu 1990-97 Governor of the Region of Gabú 1997-99 and 1. Vice-President of the People's National Assembly 2004-09. (b. 1948-).

2010-11 Coordinating Minister of Police Doris Solís, Ecuador
2003 Minister of Tourism, 2008-09 Coordinating Minister of the National and Cultural Heritage and 2009-10 Minister-Head the Secretariat of Peoples, Social Movements and Citizen Participation, 2011-12 Coordinating Minister of Social Development and from 2012 Minister of Economic and Social Integration

2010-12 Minister of Interior Roxana Mendéz de Obarrio, Panama

Vice-Mayor 2009-10 and Mayor of the District of Panama 2012-14 (b. 1958-).

2010-16 Secretary of State for the Home Department Theresa May, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Also Minister for Women and Equality. Conservative MP from 1997 and Chairperson of the Conservative Party 2002-03 and Party Leader and Prime Minister from 2016. (b. 1956-).

2010-13 Co-Minister of Home Affairs Theresa Makone, Zimbabwe
In the power-sharing government each party had a representative in the key ministries - co-ministers. She was Minister of Public Works 2009-10.

2010-11 Chairperson of the National Commission on Public Safety Tomiko Okazaki, Japan
Also Minister of State for Consumer Affairs and Food Safety and Minister of State for Social Affairs, and Gender Equality, Social Democratic MP 1990-96 and Member of the House of Councillors since 1997. (b. 1944-).

2010- Federal Councillor of Police Simonetta Sommaruga, Switzerland

Also Federal Councillor of Justice and Substitute Councillor of Interior. Vice-President in 2014.

2010-13 Minister of Security Nilda Garré, Argentina

MP for the Frente Justicialista de Liberación 1973-76 and afterwards active in the fight against the dictatorship, MP again 1995-99, 2000 and 2001-05, Secretary of Political Affairs in the Ministry of Interior 2000-01, Ambassador to Venezuela in 2005, Minister of Defence 2005-10 and appointed Ambassador to OAS in 2013. (b. 1945-).

2010-14 High Representative for Security Policy Baroness Ashton of Upholland, the European Union

Catherine Ashton has been a Baroness from 1999, British Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State of  Education and Skills 2001-04, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of Constitutional Affairs 2004-06 and Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 2006-07, Leader of the House of Lords and Lord President of the Council 2007-08, EU-Commissioner for Trade from 2008-10 and Vice-President of the EU-Commission and High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy 2010-14. (b. 1956-).

2011-16 Minister of Internal Administration Marisa Morais, Cape Verde

Minister of Justice 2009-11

2011-16 Federal Minister of Interior Johanna Mikl-Leitner, Austria

MP for ÖVP 1999-2003, Councillor of Social Affairs, Labour and Family 2003-2011 in Niederösterreich, Vice-Chairperson of ÖVP 2008, Vice-President of the Assembly of European Regions 2008-11 and appointed Councillor of Finance in Niederösterreich in 2016. (b. 1964-)

2011-14 Minister of Interior Margrethe Vestager, Denmark
Also Vice-Premier and Minister of Economic Affairs from 2011. 1993-97 Party Chairperson, Deputy Group Chairperson 2001-07 and Group Chairperson and Party Leader of the Social Liberals from 2007. Minister of Education 1998-2001 and Minister of Church Affairs 1998-2000. Named Danish Eu-Commissioner in 2014. (b. 1968-)

2011-13 Minister of Justice and Emergency Preparedness Grete Faremo, Norway
1990-92 Minister of Development Aid, 1992-96 Minister of Justice and Police and 1996 Minister of Petroleum  and Energy and since 2009-11 Minister of Defence. (b. 1959- )

2011-13 Minister of Interior Anna Maria Cancellieri, Italy

Since 1994 held office as Prefect of Vicenza, Bergamo, Brescia, Catania and Genova, and appointed Commissioner of Bologna 2010-11 and Commissioner of Parma in 2011 after both mayors resigned after charges of corruption. Presidential Candidate in 2013 and Minister of Justice 2013-14. (b. 1944-)

2011-14 Minister of Interior Joëlle Milquet, Belgium

National President of the Centre Démocrate Humaniste, CHP 1999-2011, Vice-Premier 2008-14 and Minister of Labour and Equal Opportunities 2008-11 and Vice-Premier in the French Community 2014-16. (b. 1961-).

2011- Minister of Police and Corrections Anne Tolley, New Zealand

National MP 1999-2002 and from 2005, and Party Whip 2006-08, Minister of Education, Tertiary Education and Minister Responsible for the Education Review Office 2008-11  and also Deputy Leader of the House from 2011
(b. 1953-).

2011-12 Minister of Internal Affairs Amy Adams, New Zealand

Also Minister of Communications and Information Technology and Associate Minister for Canterbury Earthquake Recovery from 2011, and Minister of Environment from 2012.

2011-12 Minister of Interior  Leisbeth Spies, The Netherlands

Also Minister of Kingdom Relations. MP 2002-10, Vice-Chairperson of the CDA Faction in the Twede Kamer 2007-10, Acting Chairperson of CDA 2010-11 and Councillor of Economy and Physical Planning in the Province of Zuid-Holland in 2011. (b. 1966-)

2011-13 Minister for Home Affairs Pelenike Tekinene Isaia, Tuvalu
Also Mininster of Rural Development. She was elected MP in 2011 as the second female parliamentarian in the country's history in the seat held by her husband until his death.

2012-13 Minister of Interior Eleni Mavrou, Cyprus

Councillor on the Nicosia Municipal Council 1986-1996, MP 2001-06, MEP 2006, Mayor of Nicosia 2007-11.  

2012 Acting Minister of Interior Eka Zguladze, Georgia
Deputy Minister of Interior 2006-12. (b. 1970-)

2012-14 Minister of Home Affairs Naledi Pandor, South Africa
ANC Deputy Chief whip of the National Assembly From 1994-98, Permanent Deputy Chairperson of the National Council of Provinces 1998-99 and 1999-2004 it's Chairperson, Minister of Education 2004-09 and Minister of Science and Technology 2009-12 and from 2014. (b. 1954-)

2012-15 Minister of Home Affairs Porsha Stubbs-Smith, Turks and Caicos Islands (British Overseas Territory)
Also Minister of Environment and Minister of Tourism, Environment, Heritage and Culture 2015-16.

2012- Minister of Home Affairs Pendukeni Iivula-Ithana, Namibia
1989-96 Minister of Youth and Sport, 1996-2000 Minister of Land, Resettelments and Rehabilitation, 2000-10 Attorney General og 2005-12 Minister of Justice. (b. 1952-).

2013 Minister of Interior Petya Parpanova, Bulgaria
A police general and former high ranking civil servant in the ministry

2013- Secretary of Interior Sally Jewell, USA
A buisiness executive until her appointment.

2013-14 Minister of Interior Hanna Birna Kristjánsdóttir, Iceland
Mayor of Reykjavík 2008-10 and Vice-Chairperson of Sjálfstćđisflokksins from 2010. (b. 1966-)

2013- Minister for Home Affairs Charmaine Eraidinomo Scotty, Nauru
Charmaine Scotty is also Minister for Education, Youth, and Land Management. She is a former Permanent Secretary successively in the ministries of Health, Home Affairs and Justice and independent MP as the country's second female parliamentarian from 2013.

2013 Minister of Interior Gülsün Yücel, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus
Also Minister of Local Administration

2013- Minister of Home Affairs Princess Tsandzile of Swaziland, Swaziland

Appointed MP by her brother King Mswati III in 2003 and Senator from 2008 and Minister of Natural Resources and Energy 2008-13.

2013- Minister of Home Affairs Sheikh Hasina Wajed, Bangladesh
Prime Minister and Minister of Defence 1996-2001 and again from 2009. Held a number of other portfolios as well.

2013-15 Minister of Security María Cecilia Rodríguez, Argentina

2012-13 Subsecretary of Security

2013-14 Minister of Justice and Police Karen Hćkkerup
Social Democrat Member of the City Council of Copenhagen 1998-2005, from 2005, Minister of Social Affairs and Integration 20111-13 and Minister of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries. Married to MP Ole Hćkkerup and mother of 3 children. Her brother-in-law Nick Hćkkerup is Minister of Defence in the government. (b. 1974-)

2014-15 Minister of Justice and Police Mette Frederiksen, Denmark
Social Democrat MP since 2001, Deputy Parliamentary Leader 2005-11, Minister of Employment 2011-14 and Chair of the Social Democrats from 2015.. (b. 1977-).

2014- Minister of Interior Vesna Györkös Žnidar, Slovenia
Lawyer. (b. 1977-).

2014- High Representative for Security Policy Federica Mogherini, European Union
MP for PD and Italian Foreign Minister for a few months in 2014. Also Vice-President of the EU-Commission and in charge of Foreign Affairs. (b. 1973-).

2014-15 Minister of Internal Administration Anabela Miranda Pinto de Miranda Rodrigues, Portugal
Anabela Rodrigues is a law professor.

2014-17 Minister of Interior Ólöf Nordal, Iceland
MP 2007-12 and Vice-Chairperson of Sjálfstćđisflokkurinn 2010-13. (b. 1966-).

2014-17 Minister of Interior, Justice and Peace Carmen Meléndez Rivas, Venezuela
She is the country's first female Admiral (Almiranta) and was Minister of Popular Power for the Office of the Presidency (chief of staff) and Follow Up for Presidential Governance 2012-13 and Minister of Defence 2013-14 and appointed 2. Vice-President of Politics and Sovereignty of the State in 2017. (b. 1961-).

2015- Minister of Security Mary Karooro Okurut, Uganda
2011-13 Minister of Information and National Guidance and
2013-15 Minister of Gender, Labour and Social Development.

2015-17 Minister of Interior Rumyana Bachvarova, Bulgaria
Also Deputy Prime Minister for Coalition Policy and State Administration from 2014. (b. 1959-).

2015- Minister of Justice and Police Jennifer van Dijk-Silos, Suriname
Former chair of the independent Election Bureau.

2015- Minister of Internal Affairs Rose Akol, Uganda
MP from 2006.

2015- Minister of Internal Administration Constança Urbano de Sousa, Portugal
Law Professor.

2015- Minister of Security Patricia Bullrich, Argentina
2000 Secretary of Criminal Policy and Prison Affairs in the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, 2000-01 Minister of Labour and Employment and 2007-15 MP.

2015-16 Minister of Home Affairs Amanda Missick, Turks and Caicos Islands (British Overseas Territory)
Also Minister of Environment and Agriculture She was Minister of Education, Youth and Sports in 2009, Minister of Health in 2012 and Minister of Human Services, Gender Affairs and Social Services 2012-15

2016 Minister of Internal Affairs Daisy Alik Momotaro, Marshall Islands
Secretary of Internal Affairs 2012-16.

2016 Minister of Internal Affairs Amenta Matthew, Marshall Islands
Secretary of the Marshall Islands Political Commission 1977-1979, Assistant Clerk of Cabinet 1979-1981, Clerk of Cabinet 1981-2002, elected Senator in 2007 and Minister of Health and Environment 2008-12. (b. 1952-).

2016- Secretary of State for the Home Department Amber Rudds
Conservative MP from 2010, Parliamentary Private Secretary to the Chancellor of the Exchequer 2012-13, Assistant Government Whip 2013-14, Under Secretary of State for Climate Change 2014-15 and Secretary of the Home Department 2015-16.

2016- Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security Grace Chiumia, Malawi
2014-16 Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture

2016- Minister of Internal Affairs Mitcy Larue, The Seychelles
2012-16 Minister of Health

2016- Minister of Police Paula Bennett, New Zealand
Held many different ministerial portfolios from 2008 and became Deputy Prime Minister and Deputy Leader of the Nationals in 2016. (b. 1969-).

2016- Minister of Interior Paula Risikko, Finland
Vice-Chairperson of Kokoomuksen (Conservatives) 2004-14, and finished second in the elections for party chair and Prime Minister in 2014, Minister of Health and Social Services 2007-14, 2014-15 Minister of Trafic and Municipalities 2014-15 and Vice-President of the Parliament 2015-16. (b. 1960-).

2017- Minister of Interior Carmen Daniela Dan, Romania
Prefect of Teleorman County 2014-16 and a Senator from 2016.

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