Peru Ministers

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Pepública Peruana/Republica del Perú/Piruw
(Female Suffrage 1955) Independent 1821

Also see Peru Heads and Peru Parliament

1980-87 Vice-Minister of State, Chief Statistics and Census Graciela Fernandez-Baca Calderón de Valdez
Candidate for the 1. Vice-presidency of the Nation on the ticket of Dr. Javier Pérez de Cuellar in 1995, instead she was elected as member of the Congreso Nacional.

1987-89 and 1989-90 Minister of Education Mercedes Cabanillas Bustamente de Llanos de la Mata
2009 Minister of Interior
Candidate for the Mayorship of Lima in 1989, from 1992 Deputy Secretary and from 2000 Parliamentay Co-spokesperson of the Socialist Party. Circa 1990-99 Senator and from 2000 member of the Congreso where she vas 2. Vice-President 2002-03 and President 2006-07. Also Presidential Candidate in 1995. (b. 1947-)

1987-90 Minister of Health lda Urigzar de Arias

1989-90 Minister of Justice Maria Angelina Breckostteredia

1990-91 Minister of Education Gloria Gilda Helfer Palacios
2003-06 Minister of Women’s Affairs and Social Development
She was Member of the Congress when she joined the government for the second time. (b. 1944-)

Circa 1991-2000 Vice-Minister of Industry Agnes Franco Temple

1992 Acting Minister of Justice Blanca Nélida Golán Maguiño
1992-2000 Attorney General
1994-95 Acting Minister of Justice

1992-93 and 1994-97 Comptroller-General María Hermina Drago Correa

1992 Vice-Minister of Regional Development in the Ministry of the Presidency Luz Salgado Rubianes de Paredes
Member of the Directive Council of the Democratic Constituent Congress 1993-95 , 3rd Vice-President 1996-97 and 1998-99, 1. Vice-President and 2000-01 and in 2000 Acting President of the Congreso National and President 2016-17. Became Parliamentary Leader of Perú Posibile in 2000.

1992-94 Vice-Minister of Tourism Liliana Canales Novella
1994-97 Minister of Industry Tourism, Integration and International Trade Negotiations (Second in the Cabinet).
(b. 1953-)

Circa 1993-96 Vice-Minister of Justice Mariam Schenone Ordinola
1996-99 Minister of Women’s Affairs and Human Development
1999-2000 Secretary of the Council of Ministers
Former Secretary General of the Ministry of Justice

1994-95 Secretary General in the Office of the President Mariela Guernoni Romero

1994-95 Minister of the Presidency Maria Luisa Federici Soto
Ambassador to France and UNESCO from 1996.

Around 1995 Vice-Minister of Labour Armida Murguía Sánchez

1996-97 Minister of Transport, Communication, Housing and Construction Elisa Carrera Cabrera de Escalante

Around 1996 Vice-Minister Ester Gago Hurtado

Around 1998 Vice-Minister of Labour Beatriz Alva

Around 1999 Vice-Minister by the Presidency of Ministers and Executive Secretary of Internal Technical Co-operation Magdalena Fajardo de Savaraín

1999-2000 Minister of Justice Prof. María Carlota Valenzela de Puelles

1999-2000 Minister of the Presidency María Cristina Rizo Patrón Velarde

1999-2000 Minister of Women’s Affairs and Human Rights Luisa María Cuculiza Torre
Former Mayor of Huánuco and Mayor of San Borja 1991-99,
 Registered as candidate of the Sí Cumple for the post of First Vice-President as the running-mate of ex-president Fujimori, but when he was barred from running the party chose Martha Chavez as presidential candidate with two male running-mates.

1999-2000 Vice-Minister by the Vice-Minister of the Presidency for Regional Affairs Auroa Torrejón

Circa 1999-2000 Vice-Minister of Economy Rosario Almenara Díaz de Pezo

Circa 1999-2000 Vice-Minister of Environment, National Resources and Forestal Development Neisa Roca

Circa 1999-2000 Vice-Minister of Science and Technology for Planning and Development Marianela Lafuente

Until 2000 Vice-Minister of Communication Eva Garland Hilbak

Until 2000 Vice-Minister of Regional Development in the Ministry of the Presidency
2000 Minister of the Presidency
María Louisa Alvarado Barrantes

2000-01 Minister of Women’s Affairs Susana Villarán de la Puente
Leader of the Partido por la Democracia Social - PDS and presidential candidate in 2006, Mayor of Lima 2011-14 and Vice-Presidental Candidate in 2016.

2000-01 Vice-Minister of Women’s Affairs Eva Guerrero

2001-02 Minister of Women’s Affairs Doris Sánchez Pinedo  

2001-02 Minister of Economy Patricia Teullet

2002 Minister of Women’s Affairs Cecilia Blondet Montero

and 2003-06 Minister of Women’s Affairs and Social Development Ana María Romero-Lozada Lauezzari
2016- Minister of Women and Vulnerable Populations

2002 Vice-Minister of Women’s Affairs and Social Development Violeta Bermúdez Valdivia

2002-04 Vice-Minister of Women's Affairs María Elizabeth Querol Campos de Arana 

2002-04 Vice-Minister of Labour and Employment Carmen Vildoso Chirinos
Minister of Women and Social Development

2002 Vice-Minister of Education Rosa Mavila León

2003 President of the Council of Ministers Beatriz Merino Lucero
Senator 1990-92, Member of the Congress 1995-2000, Vice-Presidential Candidate 2000 and Superintendent of the National Tax Administration 2000-03. (b. 1949-).

2003 Minister of Women’s Affairs and Social Development Anel Townsend Diez-Canseco
Presided over the election of the Mesa Directiva of the Congress in 2001 and was considered a Prime contender for the post of President for the period of 2003-04, but preferred the ministerial post instead.

2004 Vice-Minister of Health Pilar Mazzetti Soler
2004-06 Minister of Health
2006-07 Minister of Interior

2004 Vice-Minister of External Relations Ana Maria Deustua
In charge of International Economy in the Chancellery. Former ambassador to Italy.

2004-06 Subsecretary of Foreign Affairs for Asian Affairs Martha Chavarri Dupuy

2004-06 Vice-Minister of Women's Affairs María Isabel Rosas Ballinas

2004-06 Vice-Minister of Education Helenn Chávez Depaz de Huambo

2006-11 Second Vice-President Lourdes Mendoza del Solar
A former Mayor, Zoila Lourdes Carmen Sandra Mendoza del Solar, was elected as the running-mate of Alan Garcia. (b. 1958-).

2006-07 Minister of Justice María Zavala Valladares
Former President of the Supreme Court of Lima, Ambassador to the OAS from 2008.

2006-07 Minister of Transport
Verónica Zavala Lombardi
Former Spokesperson of the Presidency of the Council of Minsiters.

2006-09 Minister of External Trade and Tourism Mercedes Aráoz Fernández
2009 Minister of Production
2009-10 Minister of Finance
2016- 2. Vice-President

2006-07 Minister of Labour Susana Pinilla Cisneros
2007-08 Minister of Women and Social Development

2006-07 Minister of Women and Social Development
Virginia Borra Toledo de Jiménez

2006-08 Vice-Minister of Communication Cayetana Ajovín Gazzani*
2016- Minister of Social Inclusion

2007-09 and 2010-11 Minister of Justice Rosario del Pilar Fernández Figueroa
2011 President of the Council of Ministers

2008-09 Minister of Production
Elena Aída Conterno Martinelli

2009-11 Minister of Labour and Employment Promotion Manuela Esperanza García Cochagne

2009-10 Minister of Women and Social Development Nidia Vilchez Yucra

2009-10 Vice-Minister of Fisheries in the Ministry of Production Elsa Galarza Contreras
2016- Minister of Environment

2010-11 Minister of Women and Social Development Dora Virginia Borra Toledo

2011-16 1. Vice-President Marisol Espinoza Cruz
Member of the Congress 2006-11 and and Spokesperson for the Partido Nacionalista Peruano in the Congress 2009-11. (b. 1967-)

2011 Minister of the Promotion of Women and Social Development Aída García Naranjo Morales

2011 Minister of Culture Susana Baca

2011-14 Minister of Education Patricia Salas

2011-14 Minister of Social Inclusion Carolina Trivelli

2011-14 Minister of Women's Promotion and Social Development Ana Rosario Jara Velásquez
2014 Minister of Labour and Promotion of Employment
2014-15 President of the Council of Ministers
MP 2011. (b. 1968-)

2011-12 Vice-Minister of Justice and Human Rights Eda Adriana Rivas Franchini
2012-13 Minister of Justice and Human Rights
2013-14 Minister of Foreign Affairs

2012-14 Minister of Production Gladys Triveño

2012-16 Minister of Health Midori Musme de Habich Rospigliosi

2014-16 Minister of External Commerce and Tourism Blanca Magali Silva Velarde-Álvarez

2014-15 Minister of Women and Vunerable Populations Carmen Omonte Durand

2014-16 Minister of Culture Diana Álvarez Calderón Gallo

2014-16 Minister of Deveoplment and Social Inclusion Paola Bustamante Suárez

2015-16 Minister of Energy and Mines Maria Ortiz

2015-16 Minister of Women and Vunerable Populations Marcela Huaita Alegre

2015-16 Minister of Foreign Affairs Ana María Liliana Sánchez Vargas de Ríos
Appointed Ambassador to France in 2015A

2016- Minister of Justice and Human Rights Marisol Pérez Tello
Of the 5 female members of the government, 3 held office before - see 2002, 2006 and 2009.

2016- Minister of Health Patricia García Funegra

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