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2000- Speaker of the House of Representatives Alix Boyd Knights, Dominica

Former human Right's Advocate. The government nominated for the office of state president in 2013, but she withdrew.

Around 2000- President of the Kotu Nui The Tika Mataiapo Dorice Reid, Cook Islands (In Free Association with New Zealand)

The Kotu Nui or Council of Chiefs is a council consisting of sub-chiefs.

2004- President of the General Council Nassimah Magnolia Dindar, Réunion (French Oversea's Territory)

As President of the General Council she is also Head of the Government. She was Vice-President of the Regional Council 2001-04 (b. 1960-).

2006- President of the Senate Chief Gelane Zwane, Swaziland

The Deputy President of the Senate since 2003, she became bcting President of the Senate when the former President became Foreign Minister on 24 February and was elected to the post and later elected to the post. on 31. March. She was Acting Chief of koNtjingila in the Shiselweni region in 2004.

2006- Chairperson of the Mejlis Akja Nurberdiyeva, Turkmenistan

Also known as Akja Tajiyevna, Akdja, Akça and Nurberdyyeva. When the eccentric authoritarian President Saparmurat Niyazov the Chairman of the Mejlis should have become acting president in accordance with the constitution, but he was removed from office and instead a Vice-Premier became Interim Head of State and she took over the Chairmanship of the Parliament and in February the following year she was elected to the post on a permanent basis. She has been the Vice-Chair since 2003.

2008- Speaker of the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis Diloram Gafurjanovna Tashmukhamedova, Uzbekistan

Her name is also transcribed as Dilorom Tashmukhamedova. She was First Secretary of the Political Council of Social and Democratic Party of Uzbekistan “Adolat” (“Justice”), Head of the Parliamentary Faction and Presidential Candidate in 2007 and received 2,9% of the vote.

2008- Speaker of the Legislative Council Margaret Anne Catherine Hopkins, Saint Helena (UK External Territory)

A member of the Legislative Council since circa 1999, Cathy Hopkins was was Secretary to the Elected Members for Constitutional Development from circa 2003 until 2005 when a referendum rejected a proposed Ministerial System. 2001-05 Member of the Executive Council and Chairperson of the Public Health and Social Services Committee.

2008- President of the Senate Carol Ann Marie Bassett, Bermuda (External Territory of United Kingdom of Great Britain)

Businesswoman and independent Senator since 2003.

2010- President of Assembleia da República Veronica Nataniel Macamo, Mozambique

Veronica Macamo was Vice-President of the Assembly from 1999, the last years as the First Deputy. Also member of the Pan African Parliament.

2010- Speaker of the House of Assembly Barbara Webster-Bourne, Anguilla (UK External Territory)

An educator, she was appointed to the position after the elections in which no women were elected.

2010- Chairperson of the Nationale Assemble Jennifer Simons-Geerlings, Suriname

Parliamentary Leader of Millennium Combinatie  2000-05, Vice-Presidential Candidate and candidate for the post of Parliamentary Speaker in 2005 and Parliamentary Leader of DNP 2005-10.

2010- Speaker of the Legislative Assembly Robyn Adams, Norfolk Island (Australian External Territory)

Deputy Clerk 1981-84 and
Clerk 1984-2010 until she was elected to the Assembly.


2010- Speaker of the National Assembly Anne Semamba Makinda, Tanzania

Minister of State by the Prime Minister 1983-86, Minister of State of Capital Development by the President 1987-89 Minister of State by the 1. Vice-President and Prime Minister 1989-90, Minister of Community Development 1990-92, Minister of Social Affairs 1990-94, Minister of Women’s and Children's Affairs 1990-95, Regional Commissioner 1995-2000
Minister of Community Development 1994-95 and Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly 2005-10.

2010- President of the National Assembly Pany Yathotou, Laos

Cabinet Member and Governor of the Central Bank 1987-98 and In 1998 she became member of the National Assembly and Chairperson of the Committee of Ethnic Affairs and Vice-President of the Assembly (the Sapha Heng) 2001-10. Also member of the Politbureau.

2011- Speaker of the National Assembly Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga, Uganda

Rebecca Kadaga was State Minister of Foreign Affairs for International Cooperation 1996-99 and Minister of Parliamentary Affairs 1999-2001 and Deputy Speaker of the Parliament 2001-11 (b. 1956-) 

2011- President of the Assembly Christen Springette, Nevis (St. Kitts and Nevis)
Special Advisor for Education in the Premier’s Ministry 2006-11.

2011- Chairperson of the Federation Council Valentina Ivanovna Matviyenko, Russia
First secretary of the Communist Committee of the Krasnogvardeiski District in Leningrad 1984-86 and then Deputy Chairperson  the Leningrad Council of the People's Deputies, Ambassador, 1991-95 and 1997-98 before becoming Vice-Premier until 2003 when she became Representative of the President North-West Russia federal district, Governor of Saint Petersburg 2003-11. (b. 1949-).

2011- Speaker of the House of Assembly Ingrid Moses-Scatliffe, British Virgin Islands (United Kingdom External Territory)
Attorney at Law and former Government Chief Registrar of Lands

2012- President of the Senate Kerryann Ifill, Barbados
Senator from 2008 and Senate Vice-President 2008-12. She is blind and works for the Barbados Council for the Disabled. (b. 1974-).

2012- President of the Senate Sharon Wilson, The Bahamas

An Attorney and former Magistrate she was also Senate President 2002-07

2012- President of the Conseil Regional Josette Borel-Lincertin, Guadaloupe (French External Territory)
First Vice-President 2005-12.

2012- President of the Regional Assembly Ana Luísa Pereira Luís, The Azores (Portugese External Territory)

2012- Speaker of the Parliament Niki Rattle, Cook Islands (Free Association with New Zealand)
Secretary General of the Red Cross of Cook Islands up to her appointment.

2013- Speaker of the Parliament Halimah Yacob, Singapore
MP since 2001 and former Chair of the Jurong Town Council, Mister of State of Community Development, Youth and Sports 2011-13. (b. 1954-).

2013- President of the Cámara dei Diputati Laura Boldrini, Italy
Spokesperson for the UN High Commissoner for Refugees 1998-2012 and MP for the Left Ecology Freedom party list from 2013. (b. 1961-)

2013- Speaker of Jatiya Sangsad Shirin Sharmin Chaudhury, Bangladesh
2012-13 Minister of State for Women and Children Affairs

2013- President of du Conseil Territorial Aline Hanson, Saint Martin  (French External Territory)
Vice-President 2012-13

2013- Speaker of the Legislative Assembly Juliana O’Connor-Connolly, Cayman Islands (United Kingdom External Dependency)

Minister of Community Development, Sports, Youth Affairs and Culture 1997-2000 and 2003-04 and Minister for Planning, Communications, District Administration and IT 2004-05, Deputy Leader of Government Business and Minister for District Administration, Agriculture, Environmental Health, Public Works, Telecommunication and  Gender Affairs, Premier 2012-13, Deputy Leader of the United Democratic Party 2009-12 and Leader of People's National Alliance from 2013

2013- President of the Asamblea Nacional Gabriela Rivadeneira Burbano, Ecuardor
Vice Prefect 2009-11 and Governor 2011-12 of the Imbabura Province. In 2013 both Parliament vice-presidents were also women. (b. 1983-)

2013- Chairperson of the Eerste Kamer Ankie Broekers-Knol, The Netherlands
Member of the First chamber for VVD since 2001. (b. 1946-)

2013- Speaker of the Cumhuriyet Meclisi Sibel Siber, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus
As Parliament Speaker she is also Deputy Head of State. MP from 2009 and Prime Minister in 2013 in the self-declared state that comprises the northeastern part of the island of Cyprus. Recognised only by Turkey.

2013- President of the Umutwe w'Abadepite Donatille Mukabalisa, Rwanda
Former Senator. From 2013 64 % of the MPs were women.

2013- President of the Senate Teresa Efua Asangono, Equatorial Guinea
Also known as Esangono, she was Minister-Delegate of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation 1998-99, Minister of Social and Women’s Affairs 1999-2004, Ambassador to Cuba 2007-12 and 1. Deputy Secretary-General of the Democratic Party of Equatorial Guineal 2012-13.

2013- Chairperson of the House of Chiefs Senior Chieftainess Nkomeshya Mukamambo II, Zambia
As Chief Elizabeth Mulenje, she was MP and Minister of State of Home Affairs 1979-86. She has been chief of the Soli People in the Lusaka Rural district and the Chongwe district since around 1972 and was raised to the position of Paramount Chief in 2013.

2014- President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe Anne Brasseur (Luxembourg)
Minister of National Education, Professional Training and Sports 1999-2004 and Party Vice-President and Group Vice-President since 2004, Vice-President of the House of Representatives in 2009. As President-by-age in 2013 she is Interim President until the formation of a new government in Luxembourg. (b. 1950-)

2014- President of the Antenimierampirenena Christine Razanamahasoa, Madagascar
Former Minister of Justice.

2014- President of the Skupština Maja Gojković, Serbia
Vice-Chairperson of the Yoguslav Chamber of Citizens 1993-94, Serbian Minister without Portfolio 1998-99, Vice-President of the Government of Yugoslavia 1999-2000, Mayor of Novi Sad 2004-08, Secretary General and Vice-President of the Serbian Radical Party until 2006, Chairperson of her own party "Grupa Građana - Maja Gojković" 2008 and later joined the ruling Serbian Progressive Party (b. 1963-).

2014- Chairperson of the National Council of Provinces Thandi Modise, South Africa
Premier of the North West Province 2010-14. (b. 1939-).

2014- Speaker of the National Assembly Baleka Mbete, South Africa

Also Speaker 2004-08. Chairperson of the (ANC) Parliamentary caucus 1995-96 and Deputy Speaker 1996-2004. Chairperson of ANC from 2007.  When the President resigned in September 2008 it was expected that she would be named Acting President for the period until April 2009, but this position went to a man, who appointed her as Deputy President. (b. 1949-).

2014- Speaker of the Lok Sabha Sumitra Mahajan, India

MP for the Bharatiya Janata Party since 1989, Union Minister of State 1999-2002,  Member of the Panel of Chairmen of Lok Sabha 2004-14 (b. 1943-)

2014- President of the Senate Alincia Williams-Grant, Antigua and Barbuda
Bank executive and attorney. She is the third female Senate President in a row since 1994 except for a short period in 2004.

2014- President of the Nationalrat Doris Bures, Austria
SPÖ Member of Parliament from 1990 and Party Secretary General 2000-07 and again in 2008, Federal Minister without Portfolio in the Office of the Federal Chancellor in charge of Women's Affairs, Media and Civil Service 2007-08 and Federal Minister of Infrastructure, Trafic, Innovation and Technology 2008-14 (b. 1962-).

2014- Speaker of the Parliament Jiko Luven, Fiji
Interim Minister of Health, Women, Social Welfare 2008-14 and President of the Fiji First Party from 2014. (b. 1946-).

2014- President of the Senate Christine Defraigne, Belgium
Chairperson of the Senate Faction of Mouvement Réformateur, MR, 2003-09.

2014- President of the National Assembly Tsetska Tsacheva, Bulgaria

Former Vice-President of the World Bank, MP from 2009 and also National Assembly Chair 2009-13.

2014- Speaker of the National Assembly Gladys Kokorwe, Botswana
Assistant Minister of Local Government 1999-2004, Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly 2004-08, Minister of Youth, Sport and Culture 2008-09 and Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Malawi, Mauritius and Mozambique 2009-13.

2014- Speaker of the Saeima Ināra Mūrniece, Latvia
MP for the National Alliance of All for Latvia and For Fatherland and Freedom/LNNK from 2011. (b. 1970-).

2014- Speaker of the National Assembly Santi Bai Hanoomanjee, Mauritius
Maya Hanoomanjee was Minister of Health 2010-11. A former Permanent Secretary for Fiance and Health. (b. 1952-)

2015- Speaker of the Legislative Council Shirley Osborne, Montserrat
Became Chairperson of the Peoples Democratic Movement in 2014.

2015-  President of the House of Peoples Lidija Bradara, Bosnia and Herzegovina (Republic of Bosnia-Herzegovina)
Member of the leadership of the Croat Party.

2015- President of the Senate Lucie Milébou Aubusson, Gabon
Vice-President of the Senate 2002-15.

2015- President of the Asamblea Legislativa Lorena Guadalupe Peña Mendoza, El Salvador
Vicepresident of the Parlamento Centroamericano 2005-06 and 2008-09 and 1. Secretary of the Legislative Assembly of El Salvador 2010-15.

2015- Speaker Maria Lohela, Finland
MP from 2011 for the extreme rightwing True Finns. (b. 1979-)

2015-17 President of the Latin American Parliament Blanca María del Socorro Alcalá Ruiz (Mexico)
Blanca Alcalá is a Mexican Member of Congress.

2015- Chairperson of the Folketing Pia Kjærsgaard, Denmark
MP from 1984, Group-Secretary 1984-87 and Political Spokesperson, Deputy Party-Chairperson and Leader of Fremskridtspartiet 1985-94, Leader of Danish People´s Party 1995-2012 and 2. Vice-Chair of the Folketing 2012-15. (b. 1947-)

2015- Speaker of the House of Representatives Brigid Annisette-George, Trinidad and Tobago
Attorney General 2007-09.

2015- President of the Senate Christine Kangaloo, Trinidad and Tobago
A few days after having been elected vice-President in 2002, she acted as President of the Upper Chamber during Linda Baboolal's tenures as Acting President of the Republic. Minister in the Office of the Prime Minister 2002-05, Minister of Legal and Consumer's Affairs 2005-07 Minister of Legal Affairs and Consumer Affairs and Minister of Science, Technology and Tertiary Education 2007-10. (b. 1960-)

2015-2016 Co-President of the Consiglio Grande e Generale Lorella Stefanelli, San Marino
Member of the Consiglio Grande e Generale for the Partito Democratico Cristiano from 2012. As Captain General she is also head of the Parliament.

2015- Speaker of the National Assembly Ntlhoi Motsamai, Lesotho

Deputy Speaker 1996-99, Speaker 1999-2012 and became Chair of the Southern African Development Community Parliamentary Forum in 2002.

2015- Speaker of the Parliament Onsari Gharti Magar, Nepal
2014-15 Vice-Chairperson of the Constituent Assembly and Deputy Speaker of the Parliament. UCPN (Maoist) lawmaker.

2015- President of the Federal National Council Amal al-Qubaisi, United Arab Emirates
Vice-President of the Council 2011-15.

2015-16 President of the National Council Christa Markwalder, Switzerland
Member of the Grand Council of Bern 2002-03 and the National Council from 2003. 2. Vice-President 2014 and 1. VicePresident in 2015.(b. 1975-)

2015- President of the Senate Gabriela Michetti, Argentina
Deputy Chief of Government of Buenos Aires 2007-09, MP 2009-13 and Senator 2013-15. As Vice-President of the Republic she is also President of the Senate. (b. 1965-)

2015- Chairperson of the National Council Magreth Mensah-Williams, Namibia
1999-2015 Deputy Chairperson.

2015-16 Acting Chairperson of the Twede Kamer Khadija Arib, The Netherlands
2016- Chairperson
Substitute Member of the Presidium 2010-12 and 1. Vice-Chairperson of the Twede Kamer from 2012, the same year she was candidate for the post of parliament chair. In 2015 she was acting chair after the resignation of her predecessor and before she was elected to the post.

2016- President of the National Assembly Nguyễn Thị Kim Ngân, Vietnam
Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan was Parliament Vice-resident 2001-18 and Member of the Politbureau of the Communist Party from 2011 (b. 1954-).

2016- Speaker of the House of Assembly Theodore-John, Saint Lucia

Lawyer and member of the United Workers Party, she was President of the Senate 2010-12. (b. 1969)

2016- President of the Congreso de los Diputados Ana María Pastor Julián, Spain
Subsecretary of Culture and Education 1996-2000, Subsecretary of the Presidency 2000-01, Subsecretary of State of Interior 2001-02, Minister of Health and Consumer Protection 2002-04, 2. Vice-President of the Congress 2008-11 and Minister of Public Works and Transport 2011-16. (b. 1957-)

2016- President of the Parliamentary Assembly of OSCE Christine Muttonen (Austria)
MP from 1999 and Vice-Chair of the Parliamentary Faction of the Austrian Socialist SPÖ from 2005.

2016-17 President of the Congreso Nacional  Luz Salgado Rubianes de Parades, Peru

1992 Vice-Minister of Regional Development in the Ministry of the Presidency 1993-96, member of the Directive Council of the Democratic Constitutient Congress, 1996-97 and 1998-99 3. Vice-President and from July 2000 1. Vice-President. In this capacity she was acting President after Martha Hillebrandt was forced from office and again after that Hillebrandt's successor became acting President of the Nation. In 2000 she was also leader of Perú Posible in the Congress

2016- President of the Cámara de Diputados Lucía Medina Sánchez, the Dominican Republic
MP since 2002 and Vice-President of the Chamber 2006-16. (b. 1969-).

2016-17 President of the Bundesrat Malu Dreyer, Germany
Held the rotating presidency of the Federal Council in her capacity as of Premier of Rheinland-Pfalz since 2013. She was Minister of Labour, Social Affairs, Family and Health 2002-13. Also Vice-President of the Bundesrat 2015-16 and 217-18. Married to the Lord Mayor of Trier, Klaus Jensen, and mother of 3 children. (b. 1961-)

2016-17 President of the Central American Parliament Priscilla Weeden de Miró (Panama)
MP and former Secretary General of the Ministry of External Affairs.

2016-17 President of the Andean Parliament Edith Mendoza Fernández (Bolivia)
Bolivian MP. (b. 1983-).

2016- Speaker of the People's Council Hadiya Khalaf Abbas, Syria
(b. 1958-).

2016-  Chairperson of the Parliament Sarah Wescot-Williams, Sint Maarten (Self-governing Part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands)

Also President of the Parliament 2014 and 2015-16. Circa 1995-2009 Commissioner of General Affairs, Education etc., 1999-2009 Leader of the Government, Social and Cultural Development, Finance, Juridical Affairs, Emergency Services, Information, Communication and Protocol, Strategic Policy, Planning and Development as well as Prime Minister 2010-14. She is Leader of the St. Maarten Party.

2017- Chairperson of the Alþing Unnur Brá Konráðsdóttir, Iceland
Unnur Konradsdottir was elected MP from the Independence Party in 2009, Vice-Chairperson of the Althing 2009-13. (b. 1974-).

2017- President of the Bundesrat Sonja Ledl-Rossmann, Austria
2017 President of the Bundesversamlung (26.01)
As chair of the joint meeting of the two chambers of the Austrian Parliament, the Federal Assembly, she inaugurated the new President of the Republic. Member of the Landtag of Tirol 2008-09, became Deputy Chair of the Local Conservative Party, ÖVP in 2009 and member of the Bundesrat in 2013. (b. 1974-)

2017- Speaker of the House of Representatives Laura Tucker Longsworth, Belize
Has held high positions within nursing and health administration

2017- Chairperson of the Alþing Unnur Brá Konráðsdóttir, Iceland
MP from the Indepence Party from 2009, Vice-Chairperson of the Althing 2009-13. (b. 1974-).

2017- Presiding Officer of the House of Assembly Denise Tsoiafatt-Angus, Tobago (Self-Ruling part of Trinidad and Tobago)
Secretary of Community Development and Culture 2013-17

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