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Local Leaders of Mozambique/República de Moçambique (Female Suffrage 1975) Independent 1976 from Portugal

Also see Mozambique Ministers and Mozambique Parliament

2005-10 Governor Telmina Manuel Paixão Pinho Pereira, Maputo Province
Vice-Minister of Education 2000-05.

2005-10 Governor Rosa Manuel da Silva, Maputo City
The first governor of the City. She is a former civil servant in Mozambique and internationally.

2010-15 Governor Ana Comoana, Manica

2010-15 Governor Maria Elias Jonas, Maputo Province

2010-15 Governor Lucilia Nota Hama, Maputo City
MP from 2015

2012-15 Governor Cidalia Chauque, Nampula
MP until 2015 and again from 2015

2015- Governor Helena Taipo, Sofala
Minister of Labour 2005-15.

2015- Governor Stella da Graca Pinto Novo Zeca, Gaza
Stella da Graca Pinto is former Deputy Director of the Quuelimane branch of the Pedagogic University

2015- Governor Celmira Silva, Cabo Delgado
Former official in the Ministry of Youth and Sport

2015- Governor Iolanda Maria Pedro Campos Cintura, Maputo City
Iolanda Cintura was Minister of Women´s Affairs and Social Welfare 2010-15.

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