Macedonia Local Leaders Worldwide Guide to Women in Leadership
Local Leaders of Macedonia/Respublika Makedonija (Female Suffrage 1946) Under Byzantine and Osman rule, the territory was divided between Serbia, Bulgaria and Greece in 1912/13. In 1944 it became a federal republic within Yugoslavia until it became independent in 1993

Also see Macedonia Ministers and Macedonia Parliament

Around 1947 Mayor Vera Dosta Aceva, Skopje
Also known as Vera Aceva or Vera Aceva-Dosta, she was Partisan leader during World War II, Minister of Agriculture 1949-52 and
Member of the Executive Council 1952-possibly after 60. She lived (1919-2006)

1950's Deputy Mayor Mara Minaveva, Skopje
Deputy Minister for Foreign Trade in the 50ís (b. 1922)


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