South Korea Heads of State

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Heads of State of the Republic of South-Korea/ Daehanminkuk
(Female suffrage 1948) The Former Kingdom of Korea became a Japanese Colony in 1910. In 1945 it was occupied by the American and became independent in 1948 

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1979 3. Deputy Head of State, Minister of Education Kim Ok-Gil

1993-95 3. Deputy Head of State, Minister of Education Kim Sook-hee

2006-07 1. Deputy Head of State, Prime Minister Han Myung-sook
MP from 2000. Minister of Gender Equality 2001-03 and Minister of Environment 2003-04
She resigned to run as candidate in the Uri-party internal primaries but soon after the party merged with other parties into the United New Democratic Party, which chose a male presidential candidate. MP and Chairperson of the Supreme Council of the Democratic United Party from 2012. (b. 1944-).

2002 Acting 1. Deputy Head of State, Acting Prime Minister Chang Sang
She was appointed Acting Prime Minister upon her designation which was vetoed by the Parliament at 30.07. She has been President of Ewha Women's University since 1996, and a consultant on Korean reunification. (b. 1939-).

2015-17 President Park Geun-hye
MP 1998-2012, Chairperson of the Grand National Party 2004-06, Candidate in the party primaries for presidential candidate in 2008, Leader of Saenuri (Renamed GNP) 2011-12. In December 2016, she was impeached and suspended from office for up to 6 months, pending a ruling by the Supreme Court. (b. 1952-)



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