Iraq Local Leaders

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Local Leaders of Iraq  (Female suffrage 1964/80)

Also see Iraq Ministers

2003- Prefect Mudira Abu Bakr of the  Dukan Region 
The region is situated in the in northern Suleimaniyah Province in the part of Kurdistan which is controlled by the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan.

2003 Interim Transitional Civil Sub-administrator in charge of The Central Region and Baghdad Barbara K. Bodine (21.04.-11.05.03)
During the Iran-Iraq War in the early 1980s she was the deputy principal officer in Baghdad. Prior to the 1990 Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, she was Deputy Chief of Mission in Kuwait and endured a 137-day siege by Iraqi troops of the U.S. Embassy. During her tenure as Ambassador to Yemen 1997-2001 the destroyer Cole was bombed and in 2001, she survived an airplane hijacking.
(b. 1948-).

2004 Coordinator Barbara Contini, Dhi Qar
She was Head of the Coalition Provisional Authority for the region from
February to July.



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