Iceland Chairs of Parliament

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Presidents of the Parliament of Iceland

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1961-62 Chairperson
of the Lower Chamber Ragnhil­ur Helgadˇttir
1974-78 Chairperson
of the Lower Chamber 
In 1959 she was 2. Vice-Chairperson of the United
Vice-Chairperson of the
Lower Chamber 1959-60 and 1962-63.
She lived (1930-2016)
1983-87 Chairperson of the Upper Chamber Salome Ůorleiksdˇttir
1991 Chairperson of the United
1991-95 Chairperson of the
In 1987-88 Vice-Chairperson of the Upper Chamber, 1988-91 Vice-Chairperson of the United
Al■ing, which became an uniCßmaral legislature in 1991. (b. 1927-).

1988-91 Chairperson of the United Al■ing Gudrun Helgßdˇttir
In 1987-88, 1992-95 Vice-President of the
Al■ing, 1998- President of the United Alliance Party. As President of the United Al■ing she was member of the Vice-presidency of the Country.(b. 1930-).

2005-07 Chairperson of the Al■ing Sˇlveig PÚtursdˇttir
Minister of Justice and Church Affairs 1999-2003. 3. Vice-Chairperson of the Al■ing and Chairperson of the Foreign Affairs Committee 2003-05. As part of the coalition-agreement, it was desided that she should take over as Chairperson of the Parliament in 2005. (b. 1954-).

2009-13 Chairperson of the Al■ing ┴sta R. Jˇhannesdˇttir
Social Democratic MP from 2000, Vice-Chairperson
of the Al■ing 2007-09 and Minister of Social Affairs in 2009. (b. 1949-).

2017- Chairperson of the Al■ing Unnur Brß Konrß­sdˇttir
MP from the Indepence Party from 2009, Vice-Chairperson of the Althing 2009-13. (b. 1974-)


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