Greenland Local Leaders

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Greenland/Grønland/ Kalaallit Nuaat
(Female suffrage 1948) Danish External territory. Part of Rigsfælleskabet, the Commonwealth of the Realm with Home Rule since 1979.

Also see Greenland Parliament

1933-37 Proprietor Dagmar Theresia Rasmussen, født Andersen of Kap York Stationen Thule in Greenland
Widow of the polar explorer and anthropologist Knud Rasmussen, who founded the trade station in 1910 and later his ownership of the area was conformed by the International Court in the Hauge. She sold it to the Danish State in 1937. Mother of 3 children, she lived (1882-1965).

1960-89 Mayor Agnethe Nielsen of Narsaq
Until 1975 she was Chair of the Willageboard and from then Mayor. (b. 1925-)

1967-79 Mayor Emilie Lennert
She was 2. Vice-Chairperson of the Landsting from 1987. (b. 1931-)

1982-87 2. Deputy Mayor Guldborg Chemnitz, Nuuk

1989-93 Mayor Laannguaq Lynge, Nuuk
1993-2005 Vice-Mayor

Circa 1989-? Mayor Emilie Madsen, Ittoqqortoormiit

1990-91 Mayor Marianne Jensen, Ililussat
Member of Landstinget since 1995. Minister of Culture, Education, Church Affairs 1991-95, 1991-92 Minister of Labour, Minister of Research and Nordic Co-operation 1992-99 and Minister of Environment and Health 1995-99  (b. 1956-)

1991-93 Mayor Lânguak Lynge, Nuuk

1991-93 Deputy Mayor Agnete Johanne Davidsen, Nuuk
1993-2007 Mayor of Nuuk
Lay Judge in Nuuk
1979-83 and 1989-93 Minister of Social Conditions 1983-84, Deputy Chairperson of Siumut 1989-2007 and member of the Landsting 1995-97 and 2005-07. She lived (1947-2007)

1991-93 Mayor Kristine Raahauge, Nanortalik

1993-97 Mayor Augusta Salling, Qeqartarsuaq
Member of the Landsting for the liberal Atassut Party from 1999, Minister of Economy and Vice-Premier 2001-02 and 2003 and since 2002 also Party Chairperson. (b. 1954-).

1993-? Mayor Cecilie Vahl, Nasarq
The Deputy Mayor was Kettie Egede Motzfeldt

1993-2005 1. Deputy Mayor Krista Lynge Høegh, Nuuk

1995-98 Mayor Ruth Thomsen Heilmann, Maniitsoq
Former 1. Vice-Chairperson of the Parliament, Minister of Culture, Education, Research and Church Affairs 2002-02 and Minister of Health and Family Affairs 2003 . (b. 1945-).

1993-2008 Mayor Ane-Sofie Hammeken, Ittoqqortoormiit
The Vice-Mayor was Augustine Josefsen

1997-2005 2. Deputy Mayor Inga Dora Gudmundsdottir, Nuuk
Her mother,
Benedikte Thorsteinson, was Deputy Mayor of Qaqortoq 1989-95
and Minister of Social Affairs and Labour 1995-97 (b. 1971- ).

1997-2001 Mayor Malînánguaq Marcussen-Mølgaard, Qeqertarsuaq
2005-09 1. Deputy Mayor
of Nuuk
2007 Acting Mayor (November-December)
Former Member of the Landsting and Chairperson of the Committee of Foreign Affairs and Security and took over as Acting Mayor when Agnethe Davidsen died. She resigned as Deputy Mayor because her party,
Inuit Ataqatigiit, ended the cooperation with Siumut. The Municipality was merged with a number of others into the East-West Municipalty 1 January 2009

2008-09 2. Deputy Mayor Karen M. Lynge, Nuuk

2009- Mayor Asii Chemnitz Narup, Kangia-Kitaa Kommunimi/Øst-Vest Kommunen
Minister of Health and Family Affairs
2002-03 and 2003-05 and Minister of Environment 2005-06. The East-West Municipality includes the capital of Nuuk and is the result of a local government reform. (b. 1954-).

2009-Mayor Astrid Fleischer Rex, Kangia-Kitaa Kommunimi/Øst-Vest Kommunen
Member of the
Presidium of the Landsting from 2003.

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