Council of Europe

Worldwide Guide to Women in Leadership
The Parliamentarian Assembly of the Council of Europe (Until 2009)

1973, 75, 77, 79 and 81 Vice-President Liv Aasen (Norway)
In 1985-91 she was Vice-President of the Norwegian Lagting

1976 Vice-President Helena Ulachon-Loundra (Greece)

1981-85 Vice-President Nora Staëls-Dampas (Belgium)
In 1988-ca.92 Vice-President of the Senate in Belgium

Circa 1983 Vice-President Lady Amalia Fleming (Greece)

1983-93 no information  

1989-94 Secretary General Catherine Lalumière

1993-94 Vice-President Hanna Shukocka (Poland)
Later she was Premier minister of Poland.

1994-95 Vice-President Maria Puig de Lluis (Spain)

1995-96 Vice-President Leni Fischer (Germany)
1996-99 President

1995-96 Vice-President Vasso Papandreau (Greece)

1995-96 Vice-President Sirkka Liisa Anttila (Finland)

1997- Vice-President Josette Durrieu (France)

1997-2002 Vice-President Lára Magrét Ragnarsdóttir (Iceland)

1997-98 Vice-President Berit Andor (Sweden)

1997-2002 and 2007- Vice-President Kristiina Ojuland (Estonia)
Chairperson of the Liberal Group 1999-2002 and since 2002 Foreign Minister of Estonia
. (b. 1966-)

1997-99 (
) Vice-President Nilde Iotti (Italy)
President of the Italian Cámara dei Deputati 1979-91,

1999-2002 Vice-President Vlasta Stepová (Czech Republic)

1999-2000 and 2002-03 Vice-President Edeltraut Gatterer (Austria)

2000-02 Vice-President Mirjana Feric-Vac (Croatia)  

2002-03 Vice-President Vaira Paegle (Latvia)
Former Presidential Candidate in Latvia

2002-03 Vice-President Renate Wohlwend (Liechtenstein)

2003-07 Vice-President Hanne Severinsen (Denmark)

2003-05 Vice-President Daniela Flipová (Czech Republic)

2005-08 Vice-President Elsa Papadimitrou (Greece)
Also Vice-President of the Asssembly of the Western European Union

2005-07 Vice-President María Rosaria Fátima Aburto (Spain)

2007- Vice-President Anna Curdová (Czech Republic)

2008- Vice-President Danuta Jazlowiecka (Poland)

2008- Vice-President Gisela Wurm (Austria)



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