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Ecuador Parliament

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1999-2000 2. Vice-President of Congreso Nacional Nina Pacari Vega
2000         Acting President (29.8)
She is the first from the native Quéchua-Indian population to become vice-President of the congress. Presided over the election over a new President after the election of Susana Gonzáles had been proclaimed invalid.
Minister of Foreign Affairs in 2003. (b. 1960-).

2000 President-Elect of the Congreso Nacional Susana Gonzáles Muños (1.-29.8)
The independent member of the Congress was elected President, but the largest party, The Christian Socialist Party objected to the choice and appealed at a local court in August 2000. At the 29.8 Congress elected another independent MP from the majority as President.

2005-06 1. Vice-president of Congreso Nacional Cynthia Fernanda Viteri Jiménez

2005 Acting President (April)
As presidential candidate in 2006 she finished fifth with about 10% of the votes. Also candidate in 2017.

2007 Vice-President of the Constituent Assembly Montecrististi.
2009-11 1. Vice-President of the Congreso Nacional Irena Cabeza

2011-13 2. Vice-President of the Congreso Nacional Rocío Valarezo
2013- 2. "Vocal" (Acting as Secretary)

2013- President of the Asamblea Nacional Gabriela Rivadeneira Burbano

2013- 1. Vice-President of the Asamblea Nacional Rosana Alvarado

2013- 2. Vice-President of the Asamblea Nacional Marcela Aguiñaga
Former Minister.

2013- Secretary of the Asamblea Nacional Libia Rivas 



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