Domenica Parliament

Worldwide Guide to Women in Leadership
Female Heads of the Parliament of the
Commonwealth of Dominica (female suffrage 1951)

House of Assembly

See also Dominica Ministers

1967-78 Clerk of the House Marie Davies-Pierre
1980-89 Speaker
As speaker of the House she was Deputy Head of State

1982-86 Clerk of the House Jennifer White
Since 1994 Permanent Secretary of Community Development and Social Affairs

1986-95 Clerk of the House Alberte Jno. Baptiste

1993-95 Speaker Neva Edwards
As speaker of the House she was Deputy Head of State

1995- Clerk of the House of Assembly Alex F. Phillip

2000- Speaker of the House of Representatives Alix Boyd-Knights
In 2013 she was the government's nominee for President until she withdrew. The next nominee, Jennifer Wallace Lafond, former Permanent Secretary of Education also withderew, the opposition nominated Dorothy Leevy, former principal of the Convent High School, but a man became president in an election boycutted by the opposition in parliamen. Her mother Cynthia Boyd Buttler was Mayor of the capital Roseau



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