Denmark Parliament Worldwide Guide to Women in Leadership
Female Heads of the Parliament of Denmark/ Kingdom of Denmark
 female suffrage 1915)

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Landstinget/Upper House

Folketinget/Lower House - from 1953 the only Chamber

1943-45 2. Vice-Chairperson of Folketinget Inger Gautier Schmidt
1947-50 1. Vice-Chairperson and President-by-Age

Rightwing Liberal Member of the Upper House 1918-29, MP 1929-45 and 1947-50. She lived (1877-1963)

1945-50 Secretary of Landstinget Ingeborg Hansen
1950-51 and 1952-53 Chairperson of Landstinget
For a number of years Chair of the Finance Committee, 1945-50 Secretary of Landstinget before becoming the last
Chairperson of the Upper House before the Danish Parliament became an uniCámaral Legislature in 1953. She lived (1886-1954).

1946-47 Secretary of Folketinget Oda Christensen

1947-50 Secretary of Folketinget Erna Sørensen
1945-65 and Member of the Group Executive of the Conservatives
1950-60. She lived (1896-1980).

1961-64 Secretary of Folketinget Clara Schloemer Munck
Conservative Member of the City Council and Alderman of Frederiksberg 1946-81, Member of the Upper House 1953, Member of the Folketiget 1960-74. She lived (1914-84)

1961-63 Secretary of Folketinget cand.mag. Else-Merete Ross
Leading member of Det Radikale Venstre, the Social Liberals 1960-71. She lived (1903-1976)

1964-66 and 1967 Secretary of Folketinget Gerda Møller
Conservative Member of the Municipal Coucil of Næstved, MP 1962-63 and 1964-81 and Member of the Copenhagen City Council 1978-85. She lived Gerda Møller (1914-2004 ).

1968-73 2. Vice-Chairperson of Folketinget Hanne Budtz
Conservative MP 1953-73 and Member of the City Council of Frederiksberg
1958-64 and 1974-78. She lived

1971-78 1. Vice-Chairperson of Folketinget Grethe Hurup Hækkerup
Social Democratic MP 1964-66, 1967-81. In 1978 she was candidate within the party for the post of Chairperson of the Folketing. Married to Per Hækkerup (1915-79), who held the posts of Minister of Economy and Foreign Affairs, and two of her sons are MPs and the second, Hans, former Defence Minister. She lived (1914-95).

1973 3. Vice-Chairperson of Folketinget Natalie Lind
1975-77 2. Vice-Chairperson of Folketinget
1977-78 3. Vice-Chairperson  of Folketinget
1978 Vice-President of the Nordic Council
Minister of Social Affairs 1968-71, of Justice and Culture 1973-75 and of Justice and Police 1978-79. She lived (1918-99)

1973-74 Secretary of Folketinget Kirsten Sparre Andersen

1975-77 Secretary of Folketinget Karen Thurøe Hansen
Conservative Member of the Municipal Council of Horsens 1962-74 and MP 1970-87. where she was Deputy Chairperson of the Parliamentary Group, Nordic Council and the Interparliamentary Union. She lived (1918-2009)

1979-81 4. Vice-Chairperson Folketinget Ebba Strange
1981-82 3. Vice-Chairperson
1994 3. Vice-Chairperson
Group Chairperson of Socialist People’s Party 1977-92. She lived (1929-2012)

1981-84 2. Vice-Chairperson Folketinget Mette Madsen
Minister of Ecclesiastical Affairs 1984-88.

1981-87 and 2000-01 Secretary of Folketinget Jytte Andersen
Secretary of the Parliamentary Group of the Social Democrats 1981-87, Minister of Labour 1993-98, of Urban Affairs and Housing 1998-200 and of Equality 1999-2000 and Vice-Chairperson of the Parliament Group of the Social Democrats 2000-01.

1982-87 3. Vice-Chairperson of Folketinget Lilli Gyldenkilde
1987-90 2. Vice-Chairperson
1990-94 3. Vice-Chairperson
She lived (1936-2003).

1987-88 Secretary of Folketinget Else Theill Sørensen
Conservative MP 1987-90 and 2001-05, Group Secretary of the Conservative People's Party 2001-05. (b. 1941-)

1990-96 4. Vice-Chairperson Folketinget Kirsten Jacobsen
Leader of the Progress Party 1995-97 and Co-Leader of Freedom 2000 1999-2000.
She lived (1942-2010).

1992 and 2001-02 Secretary of Folketinget Pia Gjellerup
Secretary of Social Democratic Group 1992, Minister of Justice 1993, Group Chairperson 1994-98 and 2002-05, Minister of Industry 1998-2000 and Minister of Finance 2000-01. (b. 1959-)

1993-94 Secretary of Folketinget Ingrid Rasmussen
Social Democratic MP 1987-2001, Secretary of Social Democratic Group 1993-94, Chairperson of the Equality Council 1994-99, Vice-Chairperson of the Defence Committee of the Folketing and Spokesperson for Defence of the Social Democrats 1994. (b. 1947

1994-2001 3. Vice-Chairperson of Folketinget Margrete Auken
2001-04 4. Vice-Chairperson of Folketinget
MP For the Socialist People's Party, Member of the Presidium of the Nordic Council 1986-89, Member of the European Parliament from 2004. Her brother, Svend Auken, was Chairman of the Social Democrats, Minister of Environment 1993-2001 and from 2001 1. Vice-Chairperson of the Parliament. A sister, Gunvor Auken, was Deputy Mayor of Frederiksberg 1998-2008 - both are Social Democrats. (b. 1945-)

1994-2005 Secretary of Folketinget Grete Bøgebjerg Schødts
Secretary of Social Democratic Group 1994-2001. (b. 1945-)

1996-98 4. Vice-Chairperson of Folketinget Elisabeth Arnold
2005-07 Secretary of Folketinget
Secretary 1990-94, Deputy Chairperson 1994-2000 and Chairperson of the Parliamentary Group of Det Radikale Venstre, the Leftwing Liberals 2000-01.  (b. 1941-).

1998-99 1. Vice-Chairperson of Folketinget Birte Weiss
Former Minister of Interior, Ecclesiastical Affairs and Health. 1998 Candidate for the post of Chairperson, the votes was 88/88 and had to be decided by a draw in her disfavour. 1999-2001 Minister of Scientific Research and Communication. (b. 1941-)

1999-2001 Secretary of Folketinget Gitte Seeberg
Secretary of the Parliamentary Group of the Conservative People’s Party 1999-2001 and Deputy Group Chairperson. From 2004 Member of the European Parliament. (b. 1960-).

2001-05 Secretary of Folketinget Inge Dahl-Sørensen
MP 1988-2005 and Group Secretary of The Rightwing Liberals 1990-2005. (b. 1947-)

2001-07 Secretary of Folketinget Birthe Skaarup
Member of the County Council of Århus 1990-2001 and Member of the City Council of Århus 1994-98 and MP of the Danish People's Party 1998-2007 (b. 1939-)

2002-07 Secretary of Folketinget Lissa Mathiasen
MP for the Social Democrats until 2007. (b. 1948-).

2007- Secretary of Folketinget Karen Klint
MP for the Social Democrats from 1998. (b. 1947-).

2007-11 Secretary of Folketinget Pernille Frahm
MP and MEP for SF
and Group-Secretary 1990-92.

2010-11 Secretary of Folketinget Carina Christensen
MF 2001-11. Member of the Councy Council of Fyn 2002-07, Member of the Regional Council of Southern Denmark in 2006, Deputy Group Chairperson of Det Konservative Folkeparti 2005-06 and Chairperson of the Education Committee of the Folketing in the same period, Minister of Family and Consumer Affairs 2006-07, Minister of Transport 2007-08 and Minister of Culture 2008-10 and Secretary of the Parliamentary Group of Det Konservative Folkeparti 2010-11 and Political Spokesperson in 2011. Married to Kim Ørnbo, no children. (b. 1972-).

2011-12 3. Vice-Chairperson Marianne Jelved
Deputy Mayor of Gundsø 1982-95, since 1987 MF, 1988-93, 2001-07 and 2011-12 Chairperson of the Parliamentary Group and Leader of the Social Liberals 1990-2007, Vice-Premier Minister and Minister of Economic Affairs 1993-2001, Vice-Chairperson of the Education Committee of the Folketing 2001-07 and Chairperson of the Committee of Science and Technology, Chairperson of the Finance Committee of the Folketing 2011-12, Minister of Culture 2012-15 and Church Affairs 2014-15. Mother of two children. (b. 1943-).

2011-12 Secretary of Folketinget Anne Baastrup
2012-14 4. Vice-Chairperson of Folketinget
MP 1994-15 and Group Secretary  2005-11 and Chairperson of the Parliamentary Group of Socialistisk Folkeparti 2012-15. (b. 1953-).

2012-15 2. Vice-Chairperson Pia Kjærsgaard
2015- Chairperson of the Folketing
Former Leader of Fremskridstpartiet and later of Dansk Folkeparti.

2012-14 3. Vice-Chairperson Camilla Hersom
MP from 2011, Secretary 2011-12, Vice-Chairperson from 2012-14 and Chairperson iof the Parliametary Group of Radikale Venstre from 2014 (b. 1971-)

2014-15 3. Vice-Chairperson Lone Loklindt
Vice-Chairperson of the Radikale Venstre 1997-2000 and Acting Chairperson 2000-01 and MP 2011-15. (b. 1960-)

2015-16 1. Vice-Chairperson Helle Thorning-Schmidt
Social Democrat Member of the European Parliament 1999-2004 and Member of the Parliament 2005-16, Party Chairperson 2005-15, Prime Minister 2011-15. (b. 1966-)

2015-16 3. Vice-Chairperson Stine Brix
MF for the Unity List from 2011 and Chairperson of the Parliametary Group since 2013. (b. 1982-)

2015- 4. Vice-Chairperson Mette Bock
2001-02 Vice-Chairperson of Det Radikale Venstre and MP for Liberal Alliance from 2011. She is the sister of the leader of the party, Anders Samuelsen. (1957-)
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