Croatia Ministers

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Female Ministers of the Republic of Croatia/ Republika Hrvatska (Female Suffrage 1945) Part of Austro-Hungarian Empire 1526-1918, Declared independence 1918 and later became part of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes, the Later Yugoslavia, before becoming independent 1992 

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1945-53 Finance Minister Anka Berus
1953-60s Member of the Executive Council of Yugoslavia
Involved in the resistance movement, Member of the Croatian Assembly and Federal Parliament and lived (1903-80).

1947-49 Minister for Communal Affairs Dina Zlatic
(b. 1914)

After 1957 Member of the Executive Council and Mayor of Zagreb Soka Krajačić
(b. 1917)

After 1957 Member of the Executive Council Anica Magašić

1958-62 Member of the Executive Council Beška Frntić
(b. 1913)

1960's Secretary of Croatian Secretatriat for finance Radojka Katić
1960''s Member of the Executive Council
Later MP in Croatia and Yugoslavia and
Member of the Federal Executive council (Yugoslav minister without portfolio) 1963-67. She lived (1922-2012) (Also see Yugoslavia)

1963-65 Secretary for Education Milka Planinc
1967-71 President of Assembly
1971-82 Leader of the Communist Party in Croatia
In 1957 Secretary of Treönjevka People’s Assembly, 1961-63 Secretary of Cultural Affairs of the City of Zagreb, 1982-86 Premier Minister of Yugoslavia. She lived (1924-2010).  

1963-65 Secretary for Health and Social Care Dušnka Grubor
Circa 1970 Undersecretary for Health and Social Care
(b. 1917)

Circa 1960's Secretary for Education and Culture Mirjana Krstinić
Prior to that, she was Undersecretary for Education and Culture. Member of the Federal Executive Committee. (b. 1925-)

1965-69-? Member of the Executive Council Milka Kufrin
(b. 1921) (see Yuguslavia)

1967-69 President of the Executive Committee Savka Dabčević-Kúčar
1969-70 Leader of Communist Party in Croatia
Dismissed as CP-leader by Marshal Tito because he considered her views as too liberal, 1970-71 Co-Leader of the Croatian Spring- movement, since 1990 Chairperson of the Democratic Party and Presidential Candidate in 1992. She lived (1923-2009)

1968-7? Undersecretary for Education, Culture and physical culture Narcisa Ćemalović
(b. 1923)

Circa 1970-? Member of Executive Council Agata Pavlinić
(b. 1926)

1991-92 Deputy Minister of Education, Culture and Sport
1992-94 Minister of Education, Culture and Sport Vesna Girardi Jurkić
Ambassador to UNESCO in 1995.

1993 Deputy Premier Minister of Maritime Affairs, Transport and Communication Ljerka Mintas-Hodak
1995-2000 Deputy Premier Minister in charge of Social Affairs
1995-99 Minister in Charge of Internal Policy, Public Services and Social Sector
1998-2000 Minister of European Integration
Advisor in the President’s Office 1990, Head of Croatian Office with the European Union Monitoring Mission in Zagreb 1991-92, Advisor to the Premier Minister in charge Maritime Affairs 1995 and Vice-Chairperson of the HDZ-Party, the ruling party 1991-2000. (b. 1952-)

1994-95 and 1997-98 Minister of Education and Sport Ljilja Vokić

1994- Government Secretary Jagoda Premužić
Deputy Secretary General of the Executive Council of the Parliament 1989-94, and Deputy Government Secretary in 1994. (b. 1954-)

1995-96 Minister of Ecology, Urban Development, Construction and Housing
2003-10 Minister of Environment, Physical Planning and Construction Marina Martulović-Dropulić
Vice-President of the Executive Council of the City Assembly 1990, Deputy Mayor of Zagreb 1993 and Appointed Mayor of Zagreb 1996 by President Tuzman and remained in office until 2000 even though the opposition parties had the majority in the City Council.

Circa 1998-2000 Deputy Minister of Justice Snježana Bagić
2003-11 State Secretary of Justice

1999-2000 Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Welfare Vera Babić
2004-11 State Secretary of Economy, Labour and Entrepreneurship
She was Assistant Minister of Labour and Social Welfare Circa 1998-99 and 2000-

Circa 1998-2000 Deputy Minister of Tourism Vinka Cetinski

1999-2000 Minister of Science and Technology Milena Žic-Fuchs, PhD
(b. 1954-)

1999-2000 Minister of Education and Sports Nansi Ivanišević

2000-03 Deputy Premier Minister (Social Affairs) Dr. Željka Antunović
2002-03 Minister of Defence
Deputy President of Social Democratic Party of Croatia (SDP) since 2000, Acting Leader April-June 2007 and candidate for the leadership, Vice-President of the Sabor since 2008. (b. 1955-).

2000-02 Minister of Health Ana Stravljević Rukavina

2000-03 Minister of Tourism Pava Župan Rusković

2000-03 Deputy Minister of Foreign Affaris Vesna Cvjetković-Kurelec, Ph.d

2000-03 Deputy Minister of Culture Biserka Cvjetičanin, Ph.d

2000-03 Deputy Minister of European Integration Mirjana Mladineo
Also Head of the Office for European Integration with Suzi Matic Kovacevic as Deputy Head. Ambassador to the European Union 2003-05 and Permanent Representative to the United Nations from 2005.

2000-03 Deputy Minister of Science and Technology Dubravka Jurlina-Alibegović

2000-03 Spokesperson of the Government Aleksandra Kolarić
Journalist (b. 1966-)

2001-03 Minister of Justice, Administration and Local Self-Government Ingrid Antičević-Marinović 

2001 Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs Đurđa Adlešić
2008-10 Deputy Prime Minister in charge of
Interior Policy
Djurda Adelesic is
former Mayor of Bjelovar, Vice-President of the Social Liberal Party, HSLS 2000-06 and then Leader of a new party formed as a merger between the Croatian Social-Liberal Party and Liberal Party - also named HSLS until 2010. Around 2000 and 2001-08 President of the Parliamentary Committee on National Security, Vice-President of the Sabor 2004-08 and Presidential Candidate in 2005. (b. 1960-).

2003-09 Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Family, Veteran Affairs and Inter-Generation Solidarity Jadranka Kosor
2008-09 In charge of Foreign Policy and Human Rights
2009-11 Prime Minister
Vice-President of the Sabor 1995-2000 and from 2011, Deputy Chairperson of HDZ 1995-97 and 2003-09 and Chairperson 2009-12. Presidential Candidate in 2005. Became Prime Minister after the resignation of her predesessor. Vice-President of the Sabor in 2011. (b. 1953-).

2003-08 Minister of European Integration Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović
2005-08 Foreign Minister
2015- President of the Republic
English and Spanish languages professor and former adviser in the Foreign Ministry. (b. 1968-).

2003-06 Minister of Justice Vesna Škare-Ožbolt
Former Advisor of the late President Tudjman. From 2003 Leader of Head of Democratic Center (splitters from HDZ), which was not represented in the parliament from 2007. Presidential Candidate in 2009. (b. 1961-).

2003-08 State Secretary of Finance Martina Dalić
2010-11 Finance Minister
2016- Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy, Small and Medium Entrepreneurship and Crafts
Assistant Minister of Finance 1999-2000. Bank Director until 2010. (b. 1967-)

2003-08 State Secretary and Head of the Prime Minister's Office Bianca Matković
2008-09 State Secretary of Foreign Affairs and European Integration
2009-10 Minister without portfolio in charge of European integration

2004-08 State Secretary of Environmental Protection, Physical Planning and Construction Višnja Jelić Mück

2004-08 State Secretary of European Integration Marija Pejčinović Burić

2004-11 State Secretary of the Economy, Labour and Entrepreneurship Tajana Kesić Šapić

2006-08 Minister of Justice Ana Lovrin
MP from the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) and former Deputy Mayor and Mayor of Zadar.

2008-11 State Secretary of Foreign Affairs and European Integration Maja Vrtarić

2008-11 State Secretary of Environmental Protection, Physical Planning and Construction Josipa Blažević-Perušić

2008-11 State Secretary of Health and Social Welfare Dorica Nikolić

2008-11 State Secretary of Science, Education and Sports Zrinka Kovačević

2008-11 State Secretary of Culture Nina Obuljen

2010-11 Secretary of the Government Jagoda Premužić

2011-1616 Vice-Prime Minister and Minister of Social Welfare and Youth Milanka Opačić
resident of the Social Democratic Party of Croatia and MP from 1992. (b. 1962-)

2011-16 Minister of Foreign and European Affairs Vesna Pusić
2012-16 Deputy Prime Minister
Chairperson of Croatian of Narodna Stranka 2000-05 and of the
Narodna Stranka-Liberalni Demokrati 2005-08 and Party President from 2013, Vice-President of the Sabor 2003-04 and 2016 and Presidential Candidate in 2009. (b. 1953-)

2011-16 Minister of  Environmental Protection and Nature Mirela Holy

2011-16 Minister of Culture Andrea Zlatar-Violić

2011-16 Deputy Minister of Agriculture Snježana Španjo

2011-16 Deputy Minister of Construction and Physical Planning Anka Mrak Taritaš

2011-16 Deputy Minister of Science, Education and Sports Marija Lugarić

2012- Deputy Minister of Public Administration Jagoda Botički
Reappointed by the new government in 2016.

2016 Minister of Social Politics and Youth Bernardica Juretić

2016 Minister of Public Administration Dubravka Jurlina Alibegović

Minister of Labour and Pension System Nada Šikić

2016- Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy Martina Dalić

2016- Minister of Demography, Family, Youth and Social Policy Nada Murganić

2016- Minister of Regional Development and EU Funds Gabrijela Žalac

2016- Minister of Culture Nina Obuljen

2016- Deputy Minister of Culture Iva Hraste Sočo

2016- Deputy Minister for Foreign and European Affairs Zdravka Bušić

2016- Deputy Minister for Justice Barica Novosel

2016- Deputy Minister for Regional Development and EU Funds Sonja Bošnjak

2016- Deputy Minister for Culture Ana Lederer


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