Worldwide Guide to Women in Leadership

The initial research for this site began in 1987. It first appeared on the net at the 29th of December 1999. I have used a large number of sources and relied on additional information and correction from a wide range of people, listed below.

Ben Abdallah Mourad (Arab world and Switzerland)

Regula Batumike (Swiss Party Leaders)

Shavit Ben-Ari (Irsraeli info)

Mariem OULD BOYE (Mauritamia)

Christopher Buyers (Royal info)

Ben Cahon (General)

Jennifer Cochrane (Sark info) 

Dragan (Balkan info)

A. Echarri (Spanish history)

Martin Engelbrecht (Abbesses of Essen)

Lea Guido (Nicaragua)

Bob Hilkens (Belgian, Benelux and general)

Egle Iturbe de Blanco (Venezuela)

Petr Just (Czech info)

Sebastian Kotlarz (Ancient Egypt, Polen and general info)

Zoran Kusovac (Balkan info)

Raymond Lloyd (General)

Mart Martin (General)

Martin Riget Nielsen (Technical Support)

Lilian Norring-Öhman (Information on Åland)

Alex E.H. Ng (Candaidan info)

Roberto Ortiz de Zárate (General)

Bhalchandrarao Patwardhan (Info on Kurundwad Senior)

Maria St. Catherine Sharpe (Info on Holy See Diplomats)

Juan Jorge Schaffer (General)

Ben Schimmel (General political from the site

Shanya Shutterbrandt (General)

Ilona Soane-Sands (Government of Alderny)

Karl Stas (General)

D.P. Tick/Pusaka (Indonesian Princly States)

Nabil Tizrarin (General)

Francisco Vázquez (List of Abbeses Monastery  of Santa Maria la Real de las Huelgas de Burgos in Spain)

Spiros Vretos (Greek info)

Anne Værnholt (Initially helping me setting up the site)



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