Chad Local Leaders

Worldwide Guide to Women in Leadership
Female Local Leaders
(Female Suffrage 1946/56) Autonomous Republic within the French Community 1958 Independent 1960 

See also Chad Ministers or Chad Heads

2010-16 Mayor Marie-Thérèse Mbailemdana, Ndjamena City 
Délégué Général du Gouvernement auprès de la ville de N'Djamena
from 2016.

2013- Governor Lucie Beassoumda, Region Guéra
Former Secretary General of the Governor's Office

2013- Governor Dr. Haoua Outhman Djamé, Region Ndjamena
Minister of General State Control and Moralisation 2005, Minister of Environment, Quality of Life and National Parcs 2007-08 and State Secretary of Agriculture, charged with Professional Education and Food Security 2008-09.

2013-15 Governor Matchoké Tchoubou, Region Mandoul

2017- Mayor Madame Djimet Ibet/Mariam Mahamat Maïtha, Ndjamena City
Also known as Djimet Ibet Mariam, she was Presidential Advisor before her election.


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