Benelux Parliament

Worldwide Guide to Women in Leadership
Female Leaders of The Consultative Interparliamentary Council of Benelux - normally known as the Benelux Parliament

1964-65 Chairperson of the Beneluxparlement Mr. J.M. Stoffels-Van Haaften (Netherlands)
Joke was member of the Second Chamber 1955-67 and it's vice-chairperson 1959-63 and 66-67, Member of the Dutch Delegation to the UN General Assembly, 1959-58, Member of the Council of Europe and the West European Union 1957-67, Member of the Interparliamentary Assembly of the Benelux 1959-67. She lived (

2000 Chairperson Mr. W.J.C. Wildens-Rozendaal (The Netherlands)
Willie was Dutch MP for PvdA 1986-2002

Around 2002 Vice-Chairperson Maria van der Hoeven (The Netherlands)
Minister of Education
from 2002.

2013- Vice-Chairperson Maya Detiège (Belgium)



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