Worldwide Guide to Women in Leadership
Female Heads of the Parliament of Austria/Republik Österreich
(Female Suffrage 1918)

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Austria Ministers

Federal Assembly - Bundesrat
National Assembly - Nationalrat

1927-28 Chairperson of the Bundesrat Olga Rudel-Zeynek
1932 Chairperson
She was born von Zeynek in family of famous authors. She lived (1871-1948)

1953 Chairperson of the Bundesrat Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Johanna Bayer
Sometime also deputy President. She lived (1915-2000)

1965, 1969 and 1974 Chairperson of the Bundesrat Helene Tschitschko
She lived (1908-92)

1968 Vice-Chairperson of the Bundesrat Rudolfine Muhr
She lived (1900-84)

1973 Vice-Chairperson of the Bundesrat Hella Hanzlik
(b. 1912-)

1975-83 Secretary of the Nationalrat Dr. Erika Seda
(b. 1923-)

1982 Vice-Chairperson of the Bundesrat Dr.phil Anna (Altman-)Demuth

1983-89 Secretary of the Nationalrat Edith Dobesberger

1984-90 Secretary of the Nationalrat Elfride Karl
Former minister

1986-90 2. President of the Nationalrat Dr.phil Marga Hubinek
As the first vice-President of the National Council she was part of the collective vice-presidency of the Republic together with the President and second Vice-President of the Council.

1988-99 Secretary of Nationalrat Johanne Schicker

1987 Chairperson of the Bundesrat Dr.phil Helga Heiden-Sommer

1990-94 3. President of the Nationalrat Dr. Heide Smith
Leader of Liberalen Forum 1993-2000. As the second vice-President of the National Council she was part of the collective vice-presidency of the Republic together with the President and first Vice-President of the Council.

1990-99 Secretary of the Nationalrat. Ilona Graenitz

1990-94 Secretary of the Nationalrat Mag. Terezija Stoisits

1991 President of the Bundesrat Anna Elisabeth Haselbach
1995 President
1996-99 Vice-President
2000 President
2000-04 Vice-President
2004 President
2004 President of the Bundesversamlung (08.07.2004)
2005-08 Vice-President

Member of the Bundesrat 1987-2007. The title of the presiding officer was changed from Chairman to President in 1988. In July 2004 she presided over the Bundesversamlung - the gathering of both chambers of the Parliament for the swearing-in of the new Federal President.

1991-2000 Secretary of the Bundesrat Helga Markowitsch

1992-99 Secretary of the Nationalrat Ute Apfelbeck

1994-2002 Secretary of the Nationalrat Ludmilla Parfuss

1994-99 Secretary of the Nationalrat Rosemarie Bauer

1994-2013 Queastor of the Nationalrat Ridi Streibl

1994-99 and 2000-04 Secretary of the Bundesrat Ilse Giesinger

1995-2002 Secretary of the Nationalrat Annemarie Reitsamer

1996-99 Queastor of the Nationalrat Klara Motter

1999-2002 Secretary of the Nationalrat Edith Haller
Bundesparteiobmann-stellvertreter der FPÖ (Vice-President of the rightwing Fedom Party) 1992-99.

2000 President of the Bundesrat Johanna Auer
2004-05 Secretary of the Bundesrat
Member of the Bundesrat from 2000. (b. 1950-)

2000-03 Secretary of the Bundesrat Hedda Kainz

2000-03 Secretary of the Bundesrat Monika Mühlwerth

2002 President of the Bundesrat Uta Barbara Pühringer (1/1-30/6)
She was member of the Landtag of Oberösterreich 1996-96 when she became member of the Bundesrat for the Österreichischen Volkspartei. (b. 1943-)

2002-06 Secretary of the Nationalrat Astrid Stadler

2002-08 Secretary of the Nationalrat Gabriele Binder-Maier

2003-06 Secretary of the Bundesrat Johanna Schicker

2004-06 2. President of the Nationalrat Barbara Prammer
2006-14 (†) President of the Nationalrat
Second President (1. Vice-President) of the Landtag 1991-95, Landesrätin of Housing and Construction, Environment and Administrative Control of Oberösterreich 1995-97. Since 1995 Deputy Federal Chairperson of SPÖ, 1997-2000 Federal Minister of Consumer's Control and Women's Affairs, 2000-04 Deputy Leader of the SPÖ-Klub in the Nationalrat. When the outgoing President died two days before his successor was to take office in July 2004, she acted as Head of State for a few days together with the President and the 3rd President as a Collegium. She lived (1954-2014).

2004-05 Secretary of the Bundesrat Sissy Roth-Halvax
2006-07 President of the Bundesrat
Secretary of the Bundesrat
She was the 162th president and the 14th woman to lead the Assembly of the Federal States. She lived (1946-2009).

2004-08 Secretary of the Bundesrat Susanne Neuwirth Kurz
2008-11 Vice-President of the Bundesrat
2011 President of the Bundesrat
2012-14 Vice-President of the Bundesrat
Member of the City Council of Salzburg 1987-2004, Deputy Chairperson of the SPÖ Faction in the Bundesrat 2004-11. (b. 1956-)

2004-08 Queastor of the Bundesrat
Elisabeth Kerschbaum

2004-07 Secretary of the Nationalrat Maria Theresia Fekter
Secretary of State of Economy for Construction and Tourism 1990-95, Chairperson of the Parliamentary Klub of ÖVP 1995-99. In 2006 she was narrowly defeated by a man within the ÖVP Klub for the post of 2. President of the Nationalrat (1. Vice-President). Ombudsman 2007-08 and Minister of Interior from 2008. (b. 1956-).

2006 Secretary of the Bundesrat
Martina Diesner-Wais

2006-08 3. President of the Nationalrat Eva Glawischnig
Deputy Leader of the Grüne Partei 2002-08 and Leader from 2008. (b. 1969-)

2006-11 Secretary of the Nationalrat Marianne Hagenhofer

2008-13 Secretary of the Nationalrat Anna Franz

2008-13 Secretary of the Nationalrat Rosa Lohfeyer

2008-13 Queastor of the Nationalrat
Rosemarie Schönpass

2008-14 Secretary of the Bundesrat Ana Blatnik
2014 President of the Bundesrat
2015- Secretary of the Bundesrat

2008-10 Secretary of the Bundesrat Barbara Eibinger

2008-10 Secretary of the Bundesrat Waltraut Hladny

2010-14 Questor of the Bundesrat Cornelia Michalke

2013 and 2016- Questor of the Bundesrat Heidelinde Reiter

2013- Secretary of the Bundesrat Anneliese Junker

2013- Questor of the Nationalrat Ulrike Königsberger-Ludwig

2013- Questor of the Nationalrat Gabriele Tamandlr

2014- Vice-President of the Bunderat Inge Posch-Gruska
Elected City Councillor of Hirm in 1997, Deputy Mayor in 2000, Mayor in 2007 and Member of the Bundesrat 2010. (b. 1961-)

2014- President of the Nationalrat Doris Bures
SPÖ Member of Parliament from 1990 and Party Secretary General 2000-07 and again in 2008, Federal Minister without Portfolio in the Office of the Federal Chancellor in charge of Women's Affairs, Media and Civil Service 2007-08 and Federal Minister of Infrastructure, Trafic, Innovation and Technology 2008-14. Joint Acting State President 2016-17. (b. 1962-).

2015 President of the Bundesrat Sonja Zwazl
Member of the Bundesrat for ÖVP from 2003.

2016- Vice-President of the Bundesrat Ingrid Winkler

2016- Questor of the Nationalrat Martina Schenk

2016- Secretary of the Nationalrat Alev Korun

2016- Secretary of the Nationalrat Angela Lueger

2016- Secretary of the Bundesrat Renate Anderl



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