Andorra Parties Worldwide Guide to Women in Leadership
Female Leaders of Parties of Andorra/ Principat d’Andorre/ Principado de Andorra or Les Valls d'Andorrà/ Les Valées d'Andorre
(Female Suffrage 1970)

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Before 2005- President of Les Verts Isabel Lozano Muñoz

2005-08 President of Group of the Partit Lliberal d'Andorra in the Consell General Conxita Marsol
MP from 2004. The new chief of government had indicated that he would nominate her as  Syndic General (President of the Parliament) later it was assumed that she would take on an important portfolio in the government but in the end she
became the country's first female parliamentary Leader. Minister of the Presidency from 2008.

2005-13 Leader of the Partit Socialdemòcrata Mariona González Reolit
Secretary of the Sindicature since 2009.

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