Andorra Parliament Worldwide Guide to Women in Leadership
Female Heads of the Parliament of Andorra/ Principat d’Andorre/ Principado de Andorra or Les Valls d'Andorrà/ Les Valées d'Andorre
 (Last updated 2015) (Female Suffrage 1970)

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Consell General de les Val

1991-94 Director General Susanga Arasanz
Since 1994 Minister of Finance

1994-97 Secretary Maria Rosa Ferrer Obiois
MP until 2007.

2005-09 Deputy General Syndic Bernadeta Gaspà Bringueret
subsíndica general she is Vice-President of the Council. (b. 1965-).

2009-13 Secretary of the Sindicature Montserrat Gil Torné

2009-13 Secretary of the Sindicature  Mariona González Reolit
Leader of the Partit Socialdemòcrata

2011- Deputy General Syndic Mònica Bonell Tuset

2013-15 Secretary of the Sindicature Rosa Gili Casals

2015- Secretary of the Sindicature Maria Martisella González


Last update 04.04.15