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First Female Ambassadors s-z

This is the list of the first women appointed as ambassadors in the countries which has had a female ambassador to this date. Some of the information in this list is supplied by Mart Martin


St. Christopher and Nevis

1991-97 Laurine Fenton, Canada (For the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States)

St. Lucia

1997-? Sonia M. Johnny, OAS and USA

St. Vincent and the Grenadines

1991-97 Laurine Fenton, Canada (For the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States)

2001-07 Margaret Hughes Ferrari, United Nations


1993-97 Ambassador Masiofo La'ulu Fetauimalemau Mata'afa, New Zealand
Also known as
Fetaui Mata'afa, she was married to Fiame Mata'afa Faumuina Mulinu’u II, Samoa's first Prime Minister following independence. In 1964 she had bestowed upon her the chiefly orator's title "La'ulu" from the village of Lotofaga. After his death she was MP 1975-89,Consul General to New Zealand 1989-93 and held a number of other posts within the community and charities. One of her sisters, Matatumua Maimoaga Vermuellen was also an MP. Mother of one daughter, the paramount chief, Fiame Naomi Mata’afa, who has been Minister in the government since 1989, and lived (1928–2007).

San Marino

Circa 1989-93 Savina Zafferani, Italy
From 1995 to China and 1996 to Bruxelles and the European Union (From the Foreign Ministry in San Marino)

Sao Tome e Principi

1975-79 Maria do Nascimenta Gracia Amorin, France and Portugal
Minister of Foreign Affairs 1979-85


1973-? Absa Claude Diallo, UNESCO
1993-circa 97 Denmark

Circa 1997-2004 United Nations in Génčve


1980-87 Giovinella Gonthier, United Nations and USA
1987-circa 97 The European Union

1983-85 Danielle Jorre de St. Jorre, United Kingdom, USSR, France, Western Germany, Canada and Cuba
Minister of Foreign Affairs 1990 til her death in 1997.

Sierra Leone

Circa 1970 Shirley Y. Gbiyama, Ethiopia and Zambia
In the 1990s Minister in the government


1989-96 Chan Heng Chee, United Nations
1996-? USA, Mexcico, Canada

1993 Jayalekshime Mohideu, Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg, European Communities and the Vatican


1994-? Klára Novotná, Sweden

1994-2004 Vera Stráznická, Poland and the European Council


1992-? Dr. Katja Boh, Austria and the Organization of Security and  Cooperation in Europe (OSCE)
Minister of Health 1991-92


Until 1990 Fatuma Isak Bihi, United Nations in Génčve
She was dismissed for misconduct.

South Africa

1989-91 Cecilia Johanna Schmidt, Austria


1933 Isabel de Zulueta, Chancelier of the Spanish Legation at Panama

1985-94 Maria de las Mercedes Rico Carabia, Costa Rica
1994-2005  Italy, San Marino and Albania

Sri Lanka

1966-? Lorani Senarathna, Ghana

1975-80 Irangani Manele Kamangara Abeysejera, Thailand (Chargé)
1980-83 Ambassador to Thailand
1988-90 Austria and Germany
1990-? Switzerland

1977-? Theja Gunawardene, Pakistan and Iran


Ca. 1994-? Hildegonde E C Van Frederikslust-Kamp, United Kingdom


1999-? Zeinab Muhammad Mahmoud Abd Al-Karim, to ?
Worked in the Ministry of foreign affairs since 1977 and has been posted in Paris, Doha and Cairo as diplomat.  


1990-98 Mary Madzandza Kanya, Canada
1994-2005 Ambassador to USA, Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Mexico
2005-? High Commissioner to United Kingdom of Great Britain


1632-34 Catarina Stopia, accredited to Moscow
The Swedish Council of State credited her as Envoy after the death of her husband, Johan Möller av Liljenhagen, and she completed a negotiation regarding trade relations with Russia.

1951-55 Alva Reimer Myrdal, India, Burma, Nepal and Ceylon (Sri Lanka)
1955-66 India
1961-66 Ambassador in the Foreign Ministry in charge of Disarmament
Later she was Minister in the governement of Church affairs


1982-88 Francesca Pometta, United Nations (Observer)
1987-? Italy


1988-? Siba Naser, The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and the European communities



1997-2001 Catherine S.Y. Chang, Saint Christopher and Nevis
Until 2006 Envoy to the Netherlands.
From 2001 Spokesperson of the Foreign Office (Director of the Department of Information and Cultural Affairs) and since 2006 Deputy Foreign Minister.


1961-? Fatuma Tatu Nuru, Ethiopia
?-1988-? France
1989-92 Spain etc.
1992-? Ethiopia

1963-? Dora Bantu, to ?


1993-? Suchira Hiranprueck, Russia

1996-  L. Laohaphani, Australia


Circa 1980 Biyémi Kekeh, Cuba
1982-83 United Nations
Former Minister


1996-2000 'Akosita Finenganofo, United Kingdom, Belgium, The Netherlands and
Luxemburg, European Union, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Iceland and USA.
Former Director in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Trinidad And Tobago

......Audrey Jeffens
Somewhere mentioned as the first female ambassador. Year and posting unknown

1970-71 Isabel U Tesha, Ethiopia and Zambia
1973-76 Senegal
The first female MP and Former Minister in the Government


1993-?  Zeinouba Khomsi Maaref, Malta


1982-? Filiz Dincimen, The Netherlands  

In 2002 Turkey had 11 female ambassadors

Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

2006- Yonca Şenyiğit, Foreign Representative to United Kingdom
Co-Representative 2005-06.


1995-2016- Aksoltan Atayeva, United Nations
Former Minister of Foreign Affairs



1971-73 Princess Elizabeth Bagaya, At-large
1973-74 Egypt
1986-88 USA
2005- Germany

She was Minister of foreign affairs in 1974


1998-? Nina Kovalska, Switzerland

United Kingdom

1763-65 Mrs. White, De facto Acting Consul at Tripoli
Afterher husband's death she handled onsular affairs, sought and obtained audience of the Regent of Tripoli, looked after some English sailors who had been detained in Tripoli, and conducted official business withaplomb until her husband’s successor arrived. Her nitiative was

1962 Dame Barbara Salt, Israel (She was not posted because of a serious illness)

1973-77 Eleanor Emery, Botswana
High Commissioner

1976-83 Dame Anne M. Warburton, Denmark
1983-87 United Nations in Génčve

1987-90 Veronica Sutherland, Ivory Coast
The first female British Ambassador ot be married.


1970-? Quintana Solari, Yugoslavia

1984 Pura Sasca de Sundblad, Costa Rica

United Arab Emirates

1999 Ambassador Sheika Fatima, Leader of the UAE-delegation to the Funeral of King Hussein of Jordan

United Socialist Soviet Republics (USSR )

1923-24 Aleksandra Kollontaj, Norway
1926-27 Mexico
1927-30 Norway
1930-40 Sweden
She was both envoy and ambassador

United States of America (USA)

1933-36 Ruth Bryan Rhodes, Denmark (Minister-Plenipotentiary and extraordinary and Envoy)

1937-40 Florence Jaffray Hurst Harriman, Norway (Minister and Envoy)

1946-51 Esther Dalia Canin, UNESCO (Minister and Envoy)

1949-53 Eugenie Moor Anderson, Denmark (Ambassador)
1962-65 Bulgaria
She was also Ambassador to some United Nations agencies. She lived (1910-97)



1948 Ida Gramcko, Soviet Union (USSR)
Writer. Lived (1924-94).


2000-03 Ton Nu Thi Ninh , Belgium, Luxembourg and the European Union
Former Advisor of the Foreign Ministry and Vice-Chairperson of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the National Assembly from 2003.



2000-03 Amat Al-Ali’im As-Asooswa, The Netherlands
2001-03 Ambassador to Norway, Sweden and Denmark
Undersecretary of Information 1991-2000 and appointed Minister of Human Rights in 2003.

Yugoslavia (Serbia-Montenegro)

1963-67 Stana Tomasevic-Arensen,Norway and Iceland
1974-78 Denmark



1974-77 Chamba Gwendoline G. Konie, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland
1977-79 United Nations
1992-?  Belgium, European Union and Germany
Civil Servant 1979-92, Party Leader and 2001 Presidential Candidate

1975-77 Lombe Phyllis Chibesakunda, Germany
1976 Japan
1977-81 United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and the Vatican (As the first woman)
She was later Minister of justice and high court judge


1987-90  Angelina Makwavarara, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland
1990-93 Ambassador to Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania
Former Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Women Affairs and Community Development. She lived (1927-2009)

1993-  Amina Hughues, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland
Former deputy Minister

1993-98 Lilie Chitauro, Canada


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