ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly

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ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly (joint assembly of the agreement between the African, Caribbean and the Pacific States with EU)  

European Parliament

1992-94 European Co-President Maria Luisa Cassanmagnago Cerretti (Italy)
Vice-President of the European Parliament 1982-89.

1994-2002 1. Vice-President Glenys Kinnock (UK)  
2002-09 European Co-President
She chaired the Assembly jointly with the APC-President
, and was Minister of State of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office for Africa and the United Nations as Baroness Kinnock

1994-2004 2. Vice-President Karin Junker (Germany)

1994-99 Vice-President Nanna Mouskouri (Greece)

1999- Vice-President Marie-Arlette Carlotti (France)

1999-2003 Vice-President Caroline Lucas (UK)

1999-2004 Vice-President Maj Britt Theorin (Sweden)

2003-09 Vice-President Elisa Ferreria (Portugal)
Former Minister.

2005-06 ACP Co-President of the Joint Parliamentary Assembly Sharon Hay-Webster (Jamaica)
2006-09 Vice-President

2004-09 Vice-President Astrid Lulling (Luxembourg)
Member of the European Parliament 1965-74 and since 1989, Mayor of Schifflange 1970-85,  Member of the Chamber of Deputies 1974-88,  Chairperson of the Psd parliamentary group in the Chamber of Deputies 1974-79 and Member of the Bureau of the Chamber of Deputies 1984-88, Queaestor of the European Parliament from 2004. (b. 1929-).

2004-09 Vice-President Hélène Goudin (Sweden)

2009- Vice-President  Christa Klass (Germany)

2009- Vice-President Vice-President Licia Ronzulli (Italy)

2009 Vice-President Zuzana Roithová (Czech Republic)

2009- Vice-President Michèle Rivasi (France)



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